I’m working on compiling and answering your inquiries from this post and your emails. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a Top 10 that I’ll be posting on the Menu Bar, so you can look at them whenever your heart so desires.

Here’s a few that didn’t make the Top 10, but I’m happy to answer:

Many of you have asked,

“How in the world do you get the boys to sit still in group pictures?” (ie: the swing pictures)

Well the answer is we fill their piggy banks with a silver dollar for every smile. Okay, not really….More times than not the group shot turns out something like this minor fiasco:


Definitely not picture perfect, but every once in a while if you make a big enough fool of yourself (entertaining the neighbors while you’re at it) and if the stars are aligned just so, you might have a slim chance of one turning out like this:


And then you blog it and pretend it was a piece of cake to get all 4 of their faces to light up in synchronized fashion.

Summaiyah asks,

“One of the toughest part has to be giving each child the individual attention they deserve. how do you handle that?”

It is a challenging aspect of parenting multiples, but there are many moments of the day that we make time for individual lovin’. Diaper changes, reading books, slow dances, tons of hugs, treating boo-boos, drying off after bath, and even discipline are opportunities for one-on-one time. We also cherish the times we get to take one of them out on a “date” errand and look forward to more of those as the weather gets warmer.

An anonymous commenter asks,

“Why are the boys’ cribs so empty? I noticed in that there are no blankets or a comforter, no little blankies, no stuffed animals? I can understand for a newborn but don’t they have security objects they like to sleep with? Not saying either way is right or wrong, just curious. I have let mine sleep with a pillow and blankets since about 9 months and now their cribs are cluttered with their most favorite babies, bears, and blankies.”


Perhaps this picture is a better representation; Isaac with 5 of his favorite stuffed friends surrounding him, laying on top of his blankie, zipped in his wearable SleepSack blanket. However, on most nights soon after we tuck them in, the animal wars begin. They throw them across the room, into each other’s cribs, onto the floor….the floor is usually covered by morning with animals. Recently, I started enforcing the 2 animal limit, because it was getting way out of hand. Sometimes they choose to keep their lovies “safe” in their crib.

Henry sleeps with a sheep and a horse.

Isaac sleeps with a little beagle dog and a bear.

Brooks sleeps with a brown teddy and a hippo.

And Clark sleeps with a yellow dog and a bear.

They all have a blankie as well that they love to play “shepherd” with…it’s darling.

The Gibson Twins want to know,

“Do you have any pets? If not, do you think you will ever let the boys get a pet or pets?”

Currently, no. Although there are days that I wish I had a dog, just for the purpose of cleaning up under the table after toddler meals. I can hardly fathom the future task of potty training 4 boys, let alone throwing a dog/cat in the mix too! Never say never, right? (I think that answers your potty training question too!)

Following Him asks,

“What do you look foward to each day? Which kind of diapers did you all use when the boys’ were little bitty?”

I LOVE going into the boys rooms in the morning and hearing them saying “Mama” when hey here me coming. I LOVE watching them play with their daddy. I LOVE hearing them sing and talk to each other throughout the day. I LOVE all the kisses and hugs. I LOVE watching them sleep peacefully at the end of the day. These are just a few things I look forward to every single day.

I used Pampers Swaddlers in the beginning. They were wonderful! Now we’ll use just about any brand.

Several of you asked about,

“How do you tell the identicals (Clark and Brooks) apart in the past and currently? Do you try to dress them alike?”

We’ve been able to tell Clark and Brooks apart from the moment they came home. Every once in a while they can throw you for a loop, but most people who spend any extended amount of time around them, can identify who’s who. However, they go through stages of looking more alike.

(Clark left, Brooks right)


Sometimes we dress them alike, because we buy some of their clothes from a local twins club sale, but most of the time we go for whatever is CLEAN!

There’s MORE FAQs to COME!!!!