By: Jennifer Murray

No, I Do Not Want Fries With That….

I think we set the bar much too high last year with our little Halloweiners!  We can’t compete with ourselves!  If you are new to our blog and missed our Halloween costumes from last year, you MUST check out last year’s Halloween post.  It’s one of my absolute all-time favorites. 

Go ahead.  Check it out.  We’ll wait on you…

While you long-time true blue readers are waiting, here’s a picture to refresh your memory.

Oh how I "relish" those memories! 

THE PERFECT follow-up exists at a well known, always cute, but over my budget kids store, that shall be left nameless. (Think "Clay Farm Building".) I spotted them, immediately called Brad with hilarious elation, and then became crushed with disappointment over the not-so-quad-budget-friendly price tag.  Needless to say, they were left hanging in the store and over $350 dollars was spared from our checking account. That’s one expensive fast food bill! But seriously, wouldn’t they make the cutest Hamburgers and French Fries on the Block?

hbrg ffries

I simply can’t beat the "Value Menu" costumes, but I do have a plan!  Save your guesses for now….

A contest is in the works. Hope that wets your "appetite"! More details to follow…

For now leave me a comment about how you’ll be dressing your little             pumpkin(s) this Halloween or pout with me about how Halloween costumes cost more than your high school prom dress!  


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  1. Mandy
    September 29, 2008 at 9:45 pm #

    I wanted the same costumes plus the hotdog for my 5 year old triplets. I think it would be perfect but can not imagine spending that much money on a costume that will be worn for a few short hours. I am putting my mother-in-law on a project to see if she can make them. We will see how it goes and I will let you know. Can’t wait to see what your boys are.


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