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“Thankful” Pumpkin Bars with Alpha-Bits Cereal

This post is part of a campaign with Mom It Forward Blogger Network and Alpha-Bits, but all my opinions are my own.


It’s November – the month of thankfulness. And couldn’t we all benefit from another helping of thankfulness?  We’ve been talking a lot about gratitude around here, and trying to be even more intentional with our kids during this season. But I have to admit, if I’m not having a grateful heart, it instantly rubs off on my boys.

All the more motivating to practice gratefulness in front of my kids. 


We know that action is the best reinforcement, so instead of just talking about things we are grateful for, we put it into a fun cooking and decorating activity.


We made these yummy pumpkin bars together (see recipe below), and they took turns adding ingredients and cracking eggs.  {We also used baking as an opportunity to apply fractions and measurement math skills.}


While the bars baked and cooled, they told me what to write down on their “Things We Are Thankful For” list, and then they practiced reading the list. I love real-life learning.


Next I had them sort through Alpha-Bits cereal, to spell their thankful words. Playing with your food is encouraged for this activity

I let them snack on the leftover cereal while I iced the Pumpkin Bars. {Alpha-Bits are a guilt-free delicious breakfast/snack for children. With 20g of whole grains and 12 essential vitamins and nutrients per 30g serving.}


Then they got to decorate their bars with the Alpha-Bits cereal letters and gummy pumpkins. 


Thankfulness. Family. Pumpkin. Fun with Learning.


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The Everyday Gratitude….

I love that we are in the season of gratitude…but how I long for it not to be just a season in my year.  I want it to be an everyday consciousness.

I want to breathe in thankfulness in the morning, and breath it out in the night hours.

I’m thankful for my freedom, my family, my church, my home, my provisions, my country. But are my eyes peeled for everyday gratitude?


Like for quiet mornings that start with Lego building…


For simple meals that satisfy little bellies…

worship songs in the living room

For little ones who worship with their voices and hearts…

homeschooling with teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons

For learning around our table


For the ability to exercise after a sedentary season

making a date out of running errands

For a surprise opportunity to spend an hour in the car running errands together…

solid wood bunkbeds in kids room

For nights that end in peaceful slumber…


These are the things that I want to bring everyday gratefulness to my heart.   

What everyday things are YOU grateful for?


* “grateful” necklace by Lisa Leonard Designs – I haven’t taken it off since I got it.

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7 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

7 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

One of the BEST things about Thanksgiving is FAMILY.  We’ve been reading up on our Thanksgiving history this week, and next week I’m hoping to do several hands-on activities and crafts with the boys for Thanksgiving week. I thought I’d share some of my favorite Thanksgiving craft finds…

1. Turkey M&M Favors – I mean seriously, this bird is hilarious.

2. Paper Turkey Popcorn Bag – Brilliantly adorable.

3. Thanksgiving Grateful Tree – I love this idea, and how it can become a fabulous centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.

4. Pilgrim Crayon Holder – Pair it with a paper tablecloth and you’ll have happy little turkeys through dinner!

5. Mayflower Handprints – I’m a sucker for handprint crafts.

6. Turkey Handprint Tablecloth – See above…and also, how fun would this be to pull out each year?

7. Turkey Headbands – Because we shouldn’t take any holiday too seriously.

How about YOU?  What are YOUR favorite Thanksgiving crafts?  Feel free to share a link in the comments!

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