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Scenes From Our Young Living Shoot

No more torture or teasing, although it’s super entertaining. I’ll let you in on what we were up to last week. A couple of months back, a contact from Young Living’s media team asked if our family would be interested in helping promote one of their product lines.

Of course, it was a no-brainer. Our family has benefited greatly from switching and ditching many of the toxins in our home for safe, natural, and much more family-friendly options that we’ve found through Young Living. Daily we use oils from our essential oil collection, oral care products, their skin care line, and many of their home offerings. It’s truly been a lifestyle change.

We had no idea our cooperation would turn into a crew flying out to our home and filming for 2 very full days! 


Everyone wants to be interviewed, filmed, and photographed at 33 weeks pregnant, right?

Actually, it WAS nice to have my hair and make-up done by my fabulous girl Kelley, for two days. I could have gotten used to that pampering!


It was a great experience for ALL of  our family. Who knew that our lives would have so many unique memory-making opportunities?!!! 


Shoots are hard work! Editing and talented crew members make it look like a breeze, but it takes a TON of time setting up shots, getting equipment set up, interviewing, redoing takes, and all of the details that take fine precision.


Of course there’s some down time too, which was good for all of us to recoup, for me to put my feet up, foosball competitions, and time for the boys to run off wiggles.


Thankfully Indiana weather cooperated and we were able to get some outdoor shoots completed on the second day of filming. Now we can say that we’ve survived a “drive-by shooting”.


I can hardly wait to see some of the footage and watch the boys personalities on-camera.


We were right at home with our filming crew. They were so kind to us, patient with the boys, always checking on how I was feeling, and super laid back. I loved that they chose to hang out with us even during some of their down time, and spent time getting to know us. We couldn’t have asked for a more understanding and professional crew!


Our final night of filming was at one of our favorite local spots, Eagle Creek.


The weather was so pleasant and the boys hardly knew they were “working” as they played on the playground and threw rocks in the water with the sun setting in the background.


It was the perfect ending to an all-around enjoyable family experience. Henry said the next morning that we should have done a terrible job so they would have had to come back for another day!


We’ll be super excited to share more about the product line being promoted and hopefully footage from the shoot sometime after it’s released at Young Living’s International Convention at the end of the month. We {unexpectedly since we’re expecting} couldn’t travel to convention this year, but at least we’ll be there in video form! 

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34 Week Bumpdate

Well Hiya!!!! Yep, still {very} pregnant. I didn’t intend to be this quiet through this last trimester – life just got busy with end of school, getting the house ready for the little dude, an unexpected family opportunity (more on that SOON), and trying to get my digestive system to consent to this pregnancy.

Thankfully, I’m going on 8 days of feeling well and enjoying these beginning days of summer with the boys home. We have very little on the calendar for June, so I’m looking forward to just hanging out with them and having some quality family time before things get “interesting”.


All is on track for 34 weeks today! UNREAL! I’m officially 2 weeks more pregnant than I’ve ever been. Baby Boy is measuring on the grand side, and physically I’m doing well. I’ll have a growth scan again next week, but he is probably well over 5lbs now! He is SUPER active.  I keep reading about how typically at this gestation they start running out of room, and thus movement frequency decreases, but not this one! I think the boys made it nice and roomy for him to still flip, roll, and trampoline in there! I will be shocked if he comes out a chilled baby!


This week, I have very little complaints minus the strains and pains of being 34 weeks pregnant. Bending over, getting up off the floor, climbing stairs, etc. are much more challenging than a few weeks ago. I’m still trying to get frequent short walks in for exercise.

I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing consistent or worrisome. No real swelling, high blood pressure, or anything else that’s concerning at this time! Praise! 


So many highlights since my 29 Week Bumpdate!


My church shower was such a beautiful celebration – so many sweet gifts and love shared through food, conversation, and being together. It’s just a surreal yet incredible thing to celebrate this LIFE. So grateful for friends who gave of their time and talents to love on us!


The nursery is ready to go! I’m in LOVE with his room, and will show you more in an upcoming post! (I’m actually writing this from his room in the new comfy Poang rocker we got from IKEA. LOVE IT!)

It feels so great to have clothes sorted, diapers ready, drawers loaded, the crib up, and his room ready for his arrival! We’re finding out that even getting ready for ONE baby takes a lot of preparation and stuff!


Nothing exciting, strange, or amusing to report in this category. My appetite is fairly normal and the only thing that I’m crazy about is fruit, but that’s nothing too out of the ordinary for summer.

Looking Forward To: 

I think this one is pretty obvious…

holding him

studying all his features

watching the boys hold him for the first time 

bringing him home

seeing Brad’s reaction when he meets him

getting my lung capacity back

figuring out what life will be like as a family of SEVEN!!!

The Boys: 

The boys continue to be excited and super helpful to me during this stage. They were able to come to my ultrasound last week for the first time and “Facetime” with their little bro. It was so fun to take them back to see our doc and several of the staff who cared for them during my pregnancy 9 years ago!


They also did a fabulous “Stroller Wash” with the Chicco strollers we got scored at a sale a couple months back. Good as new! 


So thankful for their eagerness and anticipation! 


Still holding out, and pretty firm on his first AND middle name now!

Looking forward to blogging more about our preparations and revealing more, so check back soon for a Nursery Reveal, Some of My Favorite Baby Things, Our Secret Project, and more! 

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Last night was one of those teary eyed, proud mama moments as my boys crossed the finish line in their first competitive race. There was community event last night for a 1 mile cross country course (in the rain, which they didn’t mind a bit). We didn’t know what to expect as far as participation or how our boys would compete, but all four ended up placing in the Top 10.


I’m a pretty enthusiastic sideline mama when it comes to sports. I’m competitive by nature and I’m not able to hold it back in the moment. I’d like to think I don’t push it to the super annoying level, but it’s probably borderline. Last night was no exception, as I was yelling, cheering, and bursting with joy with their accomplishments.


I couldn’t help but think as they approached the finish line that these are “my preemies”. God has been so kind to give them abilities, drive, and strength!

It’s something I don’t want to get over, overlook, or loose the awe of the gratitude I have for their lives. I’m part of a mom’s support group of quadruplet moms from all over the world, and reminded weekly that we’re not “typical” by any stretch. There are prayers for mamas delivering too early for survival, preemies fighting for life, and kids with life-long struggles (and parents who battle with an enormous amount of courage).


I’m thankful for the encouragement these dudes are to persevere and finish hard things.

More than the race, the place, or the finish, I’m so thankful to be able to be on the sideline with them through the milestones and the mundane. Even if I yell too loudly or pretend jump with a pregnant belly.


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