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31 Meal Solutions for Overwhelmed Moms

31 Back to Basics Meal Solutions

When life gets messy, complicated, broken, or crazy busy, sometimes it’s time to just take a step back and go back to the basics.  I picture Will Smith teaching Kevin James the basic step clap dance move. Less cue tip and making the pizza, and back to home.

We had been graciously loved on with meals and even some restaurant gift cards over the past few weeks, even though I was reluctant to ask for help. Even when I resisted, good friends persisted, and we are so grateful, because I really couldn’t do it on my own.

I hadn’t made it to the grocery store in over a month, and the task of meal planning, making a grocery list, putting away all the food, and then feeding us all was overwhelming enough to make me curl up in the corner. Instead giving up for the year, I decided to make a list of BASIC, EASY, BRAINLESS, FAMILY-FRIENDLY MEALS that wouldn’t require a lot of energy or ingredients.

I came up with 31 of our favorite Back-to-Basics Meal Solutions to get us back on track, and I’m sharing those with links to most of the recipes at Land O’Moms. I’d love to add to my list of go-to meals, so be sure to share your favorites!

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Because Sometimes We Need Some High Fives in Motherhood…


Yesterday was my 7th Mother’s Day, but I’m far away from figuring out this motherhood gig.  How did our moms make it look so easy? 

It’s a game of trial and error, making something out of a mess, and asking for forgiveness in the process. It’s a dance of receiving grace and extending grace. (And sometimes it’s not the most elegant or pleasing to watch dance.)

We need those cheerleaders on the sideline telling us “good job” even when we know how miserably we’ve failed.  We need a hand to pull us back up, when we sink with guilt and defeat.  We need a cold cup of water when we are breathless. We need some high fives and “atta girls” in this thick, sticky, and tiring race when we feel like throwing in the towel. We need a pat on the back just for getting through another day.

There is no prize money or accolades at the finish line, but the rewards are hidden in the race.   Perhaps it’s come in the form of a smile during a midnight feeding, or a hug after you’ve bandaged a knee, or a fist bump after a soccer game, or a thank you from a teenager who you didn’t know noticed your extra effort, or maybe it’s another mom who holds the door so you can make a quick escape with an uncooperative toddler.  It may be found in realizing that you’re more courageous now than ever.

Let’s continue to rally one another and cheer each other on, instead of throw darts of discouragement or judgment.  Let’s stand on the sidelines with grace and reassurance, because this motherhood race is a marathon, not a mile.

And after all, high fives, fist bumps, pats on the backs and applause are free.

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To The Mamas Who Clean Up Messes for a Living

cleaning up messes in motherhood

Does it ever feel like every day is Groundhog’s Day? You peak out from your hole to find the same messes as yesterday, the same laundry list, the endless to-dos.

So often I start head on into my tasks at hand, disheartened that none of my efforts last for more than a few minutes.  Clothes and kids get dirty again, messes that just were cleaned up are now covering the floor, meals need made {again and again}. Job security, Mamas.

Raise your hand if you ever feel frustrated, overwhelmed, unappreciated, discouraged? {Me! Me! Me!}

Sometimes it’s easy to become resentful to the mess-makers in your house after you’ve picked up the 8th pair of socks off the floor, your back hurts from wiping up another milk spill, the puzzles have turned into one giant heap of a hundred pieces, and bedtime is still hours away. {Mom, I owe you. I mean I really, really owe you. Thank you.}

Sometimes they become interruptions to the tasks at hand.  “No I cannot play a game with you right now, Timmy. Can you not see this dirty floor that needs vacuumed?”

overbearing task of motherhood

I love this quote from Parenting Wild Things. These are the children that fill your home for just a short moment, who want to be near you, who in their messiness need you.  Does our attitude reflect that they are more than tasks and mess-makers?   

Perhaps the messes in our homes can remind us of the own messes we’ve made in our lives. The crushed Cheerios on the floor are so insignificant in comparison to some of the messes I’ve made in my own life. Yet I have a Heavenly Father who has loved me through the mess, and cleansed me of all of my unrighteousness.

Let’s remember we aren’t doing this motherhood gig for the accolades, the recognition, the perks, the credit, or the appreciation. It’s so much bigger than what we can make it out to be on our daily schedules. In the midst of messy floors we are impressing little lives.

That is no small “to-do” task, Mamas.  Close your eyes to the mess for a moment and take in this blessed opportunity, because it’s fleeting.   

Stop. Deep Breath. Inhale some perspective.

Let’s not define our days by the tasks we’ve completed, but by the moments that truly mattered in raising our children.

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