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What I Don’t Do…

Thank you so much for letting me share my heart last week on “What I Do”. There was so much freedom in listing my priorities, and where God has me. Understanding my role and where things fit in, is so helpful in identifying where I can be used best, and what things to say “yes” to.  I’m such a work-in-progress, but I’m thankful for the calling in my life.

What I Don't Do - Prioritizing Motherhood

When I better understood What I Do, I could better evaluate What I Don’t Do or at least do well, and come to terms with who God hasn’t made me to be.  Sure, I can grow in these areas to some degree, but I no longer have to fight to be everything and do everything. I can stop the comparison game for good. I can stop making excuses when I don’t seem to add up.  I don’t have to become something I’m not made for…

These are my don’ts, they certainly don’t have to be yours.  Our gifts are different, and that is a stunningly beautiful thing.

So Here’s a List of The Things I Don’t Do :

>>> I Don’t Do Gourmet Cooking. If I haven’t heard of an ingredient in the recipe, I’m probably not going to try it.  I like simple, real foods that are family-friendly, and ready in a reasonable time. I’ll never be a star on Food Network, but I can still watch and drool, and appreciate those who are much more talented {and patient} in the kitchen than I.

>>> I Don’t Do Marathons. Life is a marathon as it is, I won’t be running one any time soon.  I exercise for health and well-being.  I call myself a casual runner, but I’m not planning more than a 5K, and I think I can find accomplishment in this without running for hours.

>>> I Don’t Do Fancy. I don’t mind getting a little dressed up, but most of the time you’ll find me dressing comfortably.  I don’t own a pair of heels or expensive jewelry, or have a fabulous wardrobe.  I certainly don’t want to be frumpy or let myself go, but I’m far from runway material.

>>> I Don’t Keep a Perfect House. I try to keep up on laundry,bathrooms, and general tidiness, but there’s dust on the piano and fingerprints on my windows. And shockingly, this doesn’t make me a terrible mother.

>>> I Don’t Do Elaborate Hosting. I take “make yourself at home” policy literally when I have guests in my home. I want them to feel welcome and comfortable, and I’m happy to go out of my way to do so, but we still have to live here when we have guests. That probably means things like family-friendly foods, toys on the floor at the end of the day, and you might have to replace the toilet paper if my boys leave you hanging.  After all, it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be entertaining.

>>> I Don’t Do Crafting That Requires More Than School Supplies. I burnt myself about 17 times last week on the glue gun, proving once again that I don’t have stellar crafting or DIY skills. I don’t do power tools. I’m a pretty big failure on Pinterest terms, but it’s just not how I was “created”.

>>> I Don’t Do Busy. Some people thrive on having a full calendar and places to go every night.  They can be involved in multiple activities a week, fulfill social commitments, volunteer, etc without getting burnt out. I run best on simple, and busy is my nemesis. Sure we have commitments through the week, and fun social excursions, but I need time at home with my family to recharge, and live together.

I don’t do scrapbooking. I don’t do paleo. I don’t do competitive mothering. I don’t do sewing, basket weaving, or paint by number. I don’t do complicated, and I certainly don’t do perfect. And it’s okay. I’m called to do THIS, not be all these things.

So I’m curious, do we share any “Don’ts?” What Don’t YOU Do?


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6 Gifts Texas Gave Me…

texas state flag blowing in wind spring

I just returned from spending two nights in Dallas, Texas, last week for Blissdom.  It was a last minute, whirlwind trip that came with too many perks to list, but here some of the gifts Texas gave me while I was away…

quad moms

1. An opportunity to catch up with one of my favorite quad mamas on the planet.

Suz and I go back to when my quadruplets were around 3 months old, and she was on bedrest.  I’m so thankful for God placing her in my life during such an important time, and the ability to keep in touch even when miles and the busyness of life make it challenging.  There is no one who gets you like a fellow quad mama.

spring texas 2013 dogwood trees 

2. A taste of spring.

It’s been a LONG winter in Indiana. Nothing like 9 inches of snow to ring in the new season! I could have cried over the blooming trees, the warmer temps, and the glimpse of new life in Texas that will eventually come north! 

blissdom 2013 alli worthington

3. Brilliant minds and inspiring hearts.

If blogging conferences were only about PowerPoint presentations and swag bags, I would come home empty. Instead, it’s the heartfelt connections with people like Jill, Mary, Lisa, Heather, Cris, Casey, Abby, Stephanie, Tricia, Alli, Barbara, Mandy, Tonya, Ang, Danielle, Ashleigh (I could go on…) that fill me with inspiration and gratitude.


4. A greater passion to do good in this world.

I nearly finished Jen Hatmaker’s Interrupted during my flights, which stirred me up all the more.  I was a guest of BlissDom Events who invited me to participate in a round table discussion with their partner Johnson & Johnson to discuss the Global Mom Relay{Share a post and unlock a $5 donation from Johnson & Johnson and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to one of these four efforts helping women and children: Girl Up, Clean Cookstoves, MAMA, and Shot@Life}. And before I left for the airport, I was able to chat with Shaun Groves about my heart for Compassion International and how they continue to  impact our family. More to come on how God is working in my heart…

blissdom 2013 sponsors

5. The opportunity to connect with some amazing sponsors. 

It means so much when sponsors believe in our voices, and there were plenty that did just that at Blissdom!  Since my bliss was shortened, I wasn’t able to connect to all of the amazing sponsors, but I able to chat with Duck Tape, Carnival, GoGoSqueeze, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Famous Footwear, One2One Network, Stitch Fix, and SoybuThank you for your genuine investment in our community!

indianapoilis airport arrivals

6. A love for returning home.

As much as I loved Texas and all of the Southern hospitality of the Gaylord Texan, there isn’t a better feeling in the world than stepping into the terminal and into five boys’ arms.  I’m so thankful for where God has called me, and these lives that surround me each day.

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10 Toys They’ll Still Love the Day After Christmas

I feel like having four BOYS of the same age makes us a bit of Toy Critics. We have a perfect little “test group” to try things out, see how they handle a good amount of wear and tear, what holds their attention, and what things are worth the money.

Here are a handful that have survived the “quad abuse” and that your kids should love long after the tree is put away.

10 Toys They'll Still Love After Christmas

1. LEGOs – The boys favorite toy aisle is the LEGO aisle.  Thanks to these little blocks of plastic, I have a few glorious minutes of quiet in my day.  {Except for the “Mama, look at this rocket blaster on the boat I made.” “Mama, do you like my two-sided airplane with the secret window passage?”}

2. Little Tikes Basketball Hoop – The boys got this for their 2nd birthday, and it’s still being used every day.  We’ve since hacked it into a wall mounted backboard, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!

3. Wooden Blocks – Classic imaginative play.  These are used in my home every. single. day.

4. Hot Wheels/Matchbox Cars – These dye cast cars take a lot of abuse and use, and they are great for a wide age range. All in all, they are an incredible value. 

5. LeapFrog LeapPad – My favorite educational toy that we own.  We limit it to a couple times a week for 15-30 minutes, which keeps it special and engaging. Great games for math, reading, science, and other early learning.

6. Games – The boys are really getting into board and card games, and I’m so thankful they have brothers to play with…some of their favorites are Candy Land, Story Cubes, Trouble, Spot It, and Uno.

7.Dress Up Clothes/Masks – Our favorites are superhero related, or course!

8. Play Animals – We have an entire tub of animal assortments.  It’s fun for playing zoo, dinosaur museum, or acting out their favorite episodes of Wild Kratts.

9. Fisher-Price Imaginext Toys – We only own a few of these toys (the Batmobile and a couple of the Airplanes), but they are always a hit at friends/cousins houses too!

10. Scooter – You can usually find great deals on these around Christmas, and I love their portability as well!

So What Am I Missing?  What should I add to our list for this year? What toys do your kids continue to LOVE?


*Some highlighted links to Amazon affiliate.

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