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How Parenting is Like Doing a Plank


Have you ever tried doing a plank?  It’s a simple yet intense exercise that only last for a minute or so, but strengthens your entire core.  As I looked at this picture this morning, I couldn’t help but think about how parenting and planking (not the lying down game stunt) have so many similarities.

Parenting is Like Doing a Plank Because…

It doesn’t kill you, but it sure makes you stronger.

It’s just only for a moment – temporary discomfort that produces lasting results.

There’s no way around its intensity.

Sometimes you have to laugh through the pain.

We make it more complicated than it really is.

It’s a challenge no matter how many times you’ve done it.

Consistency, effort, and time are the only way to make it easier.

Others watching you often think they can do it better.

We can’t hold on to it forever.

What do you compare parenting to?

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What I’m Running From…

What I'm Running From

I’m about six months now into this running journey.  I started off kicking and screaming, and sometimes I still want to quit and hang up my sneakers.  Running is hard for me both physically and mentally. I keep waiting for the battle to subside, but I continue to persevere through the pain and the part of me that wants to take the easy way out

I need to frequently remind myself of how I got here.  Last spring, I could only run to one stop sign, stop and walk, run to the next stop sign, and continue those intervals for about 20 minutes.  I could barely run around the whole block with the boys without stopping. (The year before that there was no way I could endure the pain of running with no core muscles to support me.)

I know what it was like to have a body that couldn’t run, and I’m dedicated to making the best of the one I’ve been given.  And thank goodness for accountability and my #1 teammate, Brad, who puts up with my whining, desperate texts mid-run, and disbelief in myself. He is so much of the reason that I’ve stuck it out, and I’m so incredibly grateful.

I’m going to keep running.  Not because I love it, or because it feels good. I have some things that I need to run from…

the voices that tell me I’m not strong enough.

the pain that will get better as I get stronger.

the excuses.

the part of me that thinks easy is somehow better.

the lies that say that I’m not legit.

the old me.


So far this week I’ve ran over two miles twice.  My speed is slow, and my distance isn’t where I want it to be yet, but I’m progressing.  I need to choose to celebrate these small strides. I need to keep lacing up my shoes and fighting the “I can’t” excuses.

One foot in front of the other. One stride at a time.

So tell me what are YOU running (walking, etc.) from?

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I love how Instagram has the power to capture everyday moments that might have otherwise gotten lost in the shuffle.  But with a quick snap, they are recorded and remembered.  Here are a handful of those ordinary, but splendid moments in our recent daily lives.


Amazing the smiles you get when you feed this boy {brooks} ice cream with strawberries on top…


Twister with quadruplets… proving that 3 is a crowd and 4 is just plain chaos.


Wouldn’t you duck and hide if you saw this coming at you in a dark alley? {henry}


This Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup was the perfect warm-me up meal this week. Even the boys slurped it down.


The boys got a barbershop cut from my retired Math teacher yesterday in my hometown. {isaac} Love that I can go home to a town that never changes.


#SheReadsTruth has been soooooo good this month.  It’s never too late to dive right in.


So what do you do when Costco has boxes of shoes that fit all 4 of your children for good prices?  You pull an instant-try-on session via the shopping carts, that’s what!


Yep, they are still on a workout kick.  Shirts off, muscles out.


I was packing the boys lunches for their 1 day a week school this week and struck  by the miraculousness that we have quadruplets once again.  May I never lose the wonder. {Because you might ask – Contigo Cups, EasyLunchboxes Containers and Mabel’s Labels.}


And last night I was offered any chocolate I wanted from the newly opened See’s Candies at Keystone.  {My job may not pay the bills, but it has some fabulous perks.} Note to self, next time you have this kind of opportunity to indulge in all the dark chocolate you can digest, eat more than just a yogurt for dinner so you don’t get the shakes before eating all the  Scotchmallows, Dark Bordeauxs, Pineapple Truffles, or Butterchews of your dreams.  Maybe next time I can give Casey a run for her money. At least there are FREE samples any time!!!!

What’s been going on ordinary or not so ordinary in your life?  Are you on Instagram?  I’d love to follow your feed!

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