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Wellness Isn’t Selfish


3 Years Ago…

I thought I was fairly healthy. I tried to make good meals for our family, exercise when I had a “free” week, and felt like I was doing better than most in taking care of my health.

In reality I was staying up way too late, cleaning with and applying toxins to my body, lacking energy or motivation, sick often, not investing in relationships, feeling run down, and putting myself in last place on the care chart.

I thought getting by was good enough and what I was supposed to do as a mom.


I know better so I’m doing better. Our home is free from toxic products, I eat cleaner, our family uses essential oils that support every system of our body, I sleep better, and exercise is something we DO,  not just intend to do.

Can you SEE the difference?


I can too. I see a girl who has more energy, more life, more confidence, feels better than ever, and knows that wellness isn’t selfish. 

It hasn’t happened overnight and we certainly can still make changes and improvements, but I’m so thankful for where we are and where we are headed in this journey.


Can I encourage you to quit feeding yourself the lies that you might be in your head that were in mine three years ago? 

~ Taking time to exercise isn’t selfish – it’s good for your entire family. It motivates them and it shows them that you care about being there for them in the future. 

~ Researching, reading, and spending time figuring out what works best for your family’s health isn’t wasted time. 

~ Spending money on your family’s health isn’t throwing away money. {This held me back from ordering my Premium Starter Kit for over a year! How I wish I would have known then what I know now!}

~ Finding time to be quiet, read your Bible, pray, and reflect is never going to be something you regret. 

~ Putting yourself on the very bottom of things to care for doesn’t make you a good mom/wife. {Still working on this one.}


If these or other lies are holding you back, I really encourage you to start somewhere towards a healthier you in three years.

Find accountability. Talk out your goals and make them realistic. Make LIFESTYLE changes over joining the next quick fix.

I’m cheering you on and I’d love to be a part of it! 

*** If essential oils are something you’d like to explore as part of your wellness goals, I’d love to lock arms with you!  I have an incredible community of support, and I LOVE the relationships I continue to build as a result of this journey.

I have these fun oil bags that I’m gifting to new sign-ups this month (along with my already awesome resources) to celebrate better wellness! LOVE THEM!  I have a limited number of these available, so first come first serve!!! Find out more about how to get started with Young Living essential oils here. 


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The Next American Ninja Warrior: Spider Jump

The boys were recently introduced to American Ninja Warrior, and of course were instantly hooked. It’s right up their alley with their climbing,  jumping, and anything daring obsessions. I’m telling you, these boys do the monkey bars until their hands blister {badly} and then go right back again.

Their favorite part of watching the show is reenacting the challenges either creatively inside or at the backyard play set. {Knock on wood, no ER visits yet!} In fact a lot of the time, they can’t get through an entire episode, because they can’t wait to try out a new challenge. And yes, I remind them daily that their mom is exceptionally kind for letting them climb on the stair banisters and jump off couches. It’s worth the trade of them getting out boy energy and keeping my sanity over having nice {breakable} things in our home. Our home is lived in and loved on, and that’s how we’ll take it for now.


Recently Brooks tried scaling the door frame again and realized he could make it all the way to the ceiling. Challenge accepted. I’m pleased to announce that the “Spider Jump” has been completed by all four future contestants.I don’t even hold my breath anymore when they jump from the top of “Level 2” doorway, because I’m becoming a seasoned Boy Mom. They even wipe off their footprints from the well, like true Ninja Gentlemen.


And now you have a better understanding why my weekly groceries disappear out of plain sight. Protein donations now accepted. Drop them by and try out the Spider Jump.


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Lacing Up the Running Shoes Again…

lacing-up-running -shoes

Sunday I laced up my running shoes again.  It was time to finally get moving and get some of my endurance back.

In the early winter, I was running 2 miles without dying, and starting to finally find some enjoyment in running.  Starting over isn’t easy to say the least.  I’m back to running/walking in intervals, and mentally struggling through each leg. My goal of running an entire 5K and now it seems so far away again.

However, I can’t focus on the miles ahead and how long it’s going to take me.  I have to focus on putting one foot in front of the other.  I have to focus on being thankful for a body that can exercise again. I have to focus on the beauty of spring surrounding me to distract me from the pain of being terribly out of shape. I have to fight the voices in my head telling me to give up and that I’m not good enough. I have to focus on this being good for my body and health.  I have to focus on how I’ll have no regrets of doing it when it’s all over with. I have to focus on just doing it.  The miles will come. 

Lacing up my shoelaces, getting outside, looking ahead – One workout at a time.

This isn’t just about me and my health, it’s about being healthy for those around me, and setting an example for my boys. (Which can I just say they ran an entire 5K without stopping with Brad on Sunday?  Phenomenal.  Their endurance, energy and fitness continues to amaze me.) 

How about YOU?  Have you ever had to jump back into fitness after time off?  How did you motivate yourself? How did you get your stamina back?  

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