By: Jennifer Murray


Last night was one of those teary eyed, proud mama moments as my boys crossed the finish line in their first competitive race. There was community event last night for a 1 mile cross country course (in the rain, which they didn’t mind a bit). We didn’t know what to expect as far as participation or how our boys would compete, but all four ended up placing in the Top 10.


I’m a pretty enthusiastic sideline mama when it comes to sports. I’m competitive by nature and I’m not able to hold it back in the moment. I’d like to think I don’t push it to the super annoying level, but it’s probably borderline. Last night was no exception, as I was yelling, cheering, and bursting with joy with their accomplishments.


I couldn’t help but think as they approached the finish line that these are “my preemies”. God has been so kind to give them abilities, drive, and strength!

It’s something I don’t want to get over, overlook, or loose the awe of the gratitude I have for their lives. I’m part of a mom’s support group of quadruplet moms from all over the world, and reminded weekly that we’re not “typical” by any stretch. There are prayers for mamas delivering too early for survival, preemies fighting for life, and kids with life-long struggles (and parents who battle with an enormous amount of courage).


I’m thankful for the encouragement these dudes are to persevere and finish hard things.

More than the race, the place, or the finish, I’m so thankful to be able to be on the sideline with them through the milestones and the mundane. Even if I yell too loudly or pretend jump with a pregnant belly.


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By: Jennifer Murray

29 Week Bumpdate

It’s that time again to gawk at the rapidly growing baby bump and to hear the scoop about what it’s like to carry ONE baby at 29 weeks versus four.  As my youth group leader, Marie, would say, “Fasten your seat belts” (and then she would wait for all of us to click our pseudo-seat-belts). Love you, Marie.


I’m so excited we’ve made it to the 3rd trimester without any calls to the doctor, trips to triage, bedrest, etc! Once again, so thankful to have a “vanilla” pregnancy! At this point with our quadruplets, I was a week into my  in-hospital bedrest and fighting for every week. I’m so so thankful for FREEDOM! When I do complain about normal 3rd trimester symptoms, I’m quickly reminded of how minor they are in comparison.  How grateful I am to be out and about, on my feet, not drinking chalky protein shakes from a can, not being woke up at 5am for rounds and vitals, no late night monitoring sessions, and not living in FEAR!!!

I didn’t take very many bump pics with the boys. It was a strange way I tried to guard my heart in case we didn’t bring babies home. I regret it now, but here’s a comparison of when I went inpatient at 28 weeks. singleton-pregnancy-vs-quad-pregnancy-belly-shot

Yeowch! It only got harder from there!!!

Our baby boy should be measuring around 16 inches and right around 3 pounds now (bigger than Henry at birth)!!! His bones are fully developed, his eyes can open and shut, and I’ve felt him have hiccups 3x! Best part – his chances of survival outside of the womb in the 90-95%! Although, we’re planning on lots more weeks with him swimming in his soccer ball sac.

Here’s more about my not-so-extreme current state…


Third trimester hit hard last week. I was hit with exhaustion, shortness of breath, and different every day challenges, but this week is going much smoother so far! My round ligament reminds me when I’ve overdone it, but most things have been on the minor-scale of discomfort.


We had another appointment at 27 weeks where we got to check on the little dude and see how well he’s doing. He’s measuring a little big and everything looks beautiful! What a relief and joy! I passed my blood glucose test with flying colors!

Brad and I got to take a day trip to IKEA last week to work on some big organizing projects and a couple of things for the baby’s room! So excited for things to start coming together! We’ve been purging a TON via donations, trash, FB Garage Sale sites, etc! (Keep in mind in true IKEA fashion 1 changing table = 10 boxes!) Bless Brad’s heart, he’s got assembly projects to keep him busy into JUNE!



I have almost zero cravings in comparison to the “Great Steak Obsession” of first trimester.  Ice cream is pretty great. But really everything tastes extra awesome. However, my appetite has been more on the normal side versus FEED ME NOW!

Looking Forward to:

My pastor’s wife is throwing me a small shower with close church friends and family – so generous and special. I’m really looking forward to celebrating this life with them!

Again, looking forward to working on the baby’s room soon. The closet at least is cleaned out and ready to fill!

Every week that passes now my heart gets more and more excited about meeting this little guy and holding him in my arms! 

The Boys: 

Every week that passes, they get more excited too! They are interested in weekly updates and all got to feel him hiccup the other night! They like playing “tag” with him where they push on my belly and he kicks back wherever they place their hand.


Still a secret. Still pretty sure of a first not certain of a middle. I’ll give you a hint: It’s neither Donald or Bernie.

And on that I’ll leave you with one more Bump Pic of his first voting experience today! #GetOutTheBump


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By: Jennifer Murray

Our Sure Signs of Spring


The soundtrack of backyard wiffle ball, basketballs bouncing on the driveway, competitive laps around the house, and soccer goals being scored

Neighbor kids congregate in our backyard and in our driveway

A rising water bill with required frequent showers

Countdowns for school ending

Mud clods accidentally tracked inside

First tastes of shaved ice for the year

Walks in the woods while kicking down mayapples and swinging sticks like machetes

Overflowing laundry baskets

Cheers and shouts echo through open windows

Neglected jackets hung in the entryway

Knees and legs bare scrapes and scratches

Freckles that appear the more the sun shines

Late fire pit nights

Dirty fingernails from planting in the garden

Sweaty head, fresh air, mowed grass aromas fill the air

Stretched bedtimes, because it’s simply too hard to end a perfect day with the sun still shining

Temperatures that couldn’t be more perfect

Spring is the first delightful sip of summer. 

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