By: Jennifer Murray

Medicine Cabinet Purge: How I Threw Away An Entire Trash Bag of OTCs and Personal Care Products


Hello Fall! It’s time for some fall cleaning (it can’t wait until spring comes around again). I love having the windows open this time of year and getting motivated. I’ve been tackling a few projects that I haven’t gotten around to in quite some time around the house.  I conquered my closet last week, and now I’m working on room by room going through some things and purging things we no longer are needing. Yesterday I went through our bathroom closets and the linen closet where we keep anything from games, to band-aides, to towels, and anything else we can stuff in and still miraculously make the door shut. Needless to say, I’m still working on that one, but I DID get the medicine/personal items portion under control.  Baby steps.

I was SHOCKED by how many products we simply no longer use after 8 months of using Young Living essential oils! What things did I purge? And what did I replace them with? 

  • Lip Balm (Coconut oil or YL lip balm)
  • Bite Ointment (Purification* or Lavender*)
  • Allergy Meds (Lemon*, Lavender*, and Peppermint*)
  • Wart Remover (Frankincense* or Oregano)
  • Skin Repair Lotions (Replaced by coconut oil and Lavender*)
  • Fever Cooling Pads (Peppermint*)
  • First Aid Creams (Lavender* or Purification*)
  • Nausea and Indigestion Meds (Peppermint* or DiGize)
  • Sleep Aids (Lavender*, Peace and Calming*, Tranquil)
  • Laxatives/Stool Softeners (Lemon* Oil in Water, Peppermint*, DiGize, Ningxia Red*)
  • Antacids (Peppermint*)
  • Vapor Rub (RC and Raven)

* Indicates it comes in the Premium Starter Kit

It felt GREAT to get rid of a lot of these products that were taking up spaced and haven’t been touched for months.  I love a good purge, don’t you?

It honestly floors me that we are able to get rid of so many of these products, and even save money by using essential oils for enhancing our immune systems, helping with relaxation, supporting the digestive system, and so much more!

Do I still LOVE our pediatrician/family doctor and appreciate his skill and wisdom? Absolutely!  But do I love having a natural and safe alternative to most of our health needs? INDEED!


How about YOU? Are you looking for natural ways to help your family’s health needs? 

I would highly recommend looking into Young Living essential oils.  They have made a huge impact on our family and so many others close to us. I could share stories all day long… My pharmacist friend who no longer takes allergy meds after 7 years, a friend who no longer uses anti-anxiety drugs, another friend who’s son is able to focus better in school, a friend who is able to use oils over powerful migraine meds…it’s incredible!


You can’t go wrong with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit for everyday needs (There’s more about the Premium Starter Kit over here), so through the end of the month, I’m hooking you up with a special gift for signing up. You’ll get a Thieves Hand Sanitizer, Cap Labels, and The Primary Usage Guide, which is SUCH a great resource for starting out with essential oils.



There are easy step-by-step instructions for signing up right here, just leave me a comment to let me know you’re signing up and I’ll get your freebies to you!  Questions?  Happy to help!  Leave me a comment or email me at {at} gmail



These statements are based on my own experience and resources. Not everyone may experience the same results, but I hope you and your family do! The above is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or evaluated by the FDA. I do receive a commission on sales when you sign up, which is a little boost of motivation to share. However, the main reason I’m telling you about our family’s experience with essential oils is because of their positive impact on our family.

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By: Jennifer Murray

Louisville. Looavul. Luhvuh. Louieville. Looaville.

No matter how you pronounce it, Louisville showed us a good time over the weekend.  Our boys LOVE traveling, it doesn’t matter where we go, they are always up for the adventure of exploring a new place and of course swimming at the hotel pool. Thankfully it was a warm weekend in Kentucky, and the boys got to swim one last time outdoors. Thumbs up for an {almost} fall swim!


Caramel apples poolside was definitely a first.


While their skin got wrinkly and water logged, I made my way to Lexington to co-teach an Essential Oils 101 class with my sweet gal, Myra along with Traci and Cyndi.


LOVE those girls and their southern accents to pieces!  I appreciate their friendship so much and love that we have Jesus, blogging, and now oils in common!


On Saturday we let the boys have one more swim before checking out and then spent the day walking around Louisville, and finding FREE things to do. The Big Four Bridge was beautiful way to begin the day.


Of course our boys find the non-traditional route to going down 7 flights of stairs. ;)


We also explored the free portions of the Louisville Slugger Museum and the $1 batting cages, as well as a couple of free exhibits at the Kentucky Science Center.  As much as we wanted to experience the attractions, tickets x 6 add up quickly, and we had a great time just exploring a new city – fountains, architecture, climbing on sculptures, etc.  Maybe sometime we’ll return for the full experience.

A funny story from a gift shop we visited – the store clerk discovered that the boys were quadruplets and about lost it.  The next thing she said to me was, “Do your toilets have pee all over them?”  That’s a new one! =)


We’re back home again in Indiana with great memories of another city and adventure with our family.

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By: Jennifer Murray

Toothless Twinsies



So no more, “Clark is the one with the front top tooth out” to help others tell them apart. (Although I think they look pretty distinctive in this picture, I have messed up a couple of times on first glance in person.)

Doesn’t it just age them so quickly when they starting loosing teeth? My babies have vanished.

Henry has still only lost 1 tooth, while Clark, Isaac, and Brooks are tied with 5.  And yes, the Tooth Fairy is officially bankrupt.


What else is happening around here besides loose teeth and dollars under pillows when we remember to tell Siri to remind us? Let’s see…

>>> I’m attending a ladies Bible study on Wednesday mornings since I’m now a lady of leisure have a little more flexibility in my schedule. We’re studying Weirsbe’s Be Hopeful, a commentary on I Peter.

>>> We gave back our camper that’s been on loan from friends for several years. Sad, but HELLO GARAGE SPACE!

>>> My basic no-frills Kindle went for a swim with me in the bathtub, but came back to life after a few nights soaking in rice.  However, it’s having issues, so I may just have to beg for a new one for my birthday.  Yes, I have learned my lesson, but I’m not sure I can commit to not ever doing it again.

>>> Brad’s family is celebrating his parents’ 40th Anniversary at Gulf Shores this week.  We couldn’t swing a trip right now, but we are sure missing the ocean and opportunity to spend time with them! So thankful for their milestone and their marriage!

>>> I steped inside of an Ulta store for the first time in my life last week. I haven’t bought anything but drug store make-up since the early 2000′s, but I’m giving this a go along with a few other things I found and I’ve even watched some of Kate from the Small Things tutorials. Who is this crazy woman typing such things?

>>> We made a trip to our favorite apple orchard on Sunday.  I love going there every year and watching the boys race up and down the rows of trees, and snack on goodies from the country store.  We came home with a bag of Honey Crisps and a jar of Apple butter, but we’ll be back for more apples and cider later this month.

>>> Brad’s grandparents have both moved to the nursing home, which has been an emotional strain and transition for everyone involved. Aging is just cruel sometimes. We would appreciate your prayers for his family.

>>> We are headed to Lexington this weekend for an Essential Oils 101 Class with some of my favorite blogging and real life friends Traci (Beneath My Heart), Cyndi (Walking in Grace and Beauty), and Myra (My Blessed Life). If you are in the area, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you there!

>>> Ever since it cooled off a little, the 7 Soups for Fall post from last year has been blowing up on Pinterest, so thanks if you happened to share/pin it!

>>> I cleaned out my closet and gave it a really good purge.  Basically my criteria was if this doesn’t make you feel good in it or fit right it’s GONE.  Felt so good. I can’t wait to find time to tackle the toys, the linen closets, the boy’s room, etc.

>>> We recently discovered that the sushi from our local Kroger is surprisingly really good and cheap, which may become a problem.

>>> I can’t get enough of Rend Collective’s My Lighthouse.

>>> I’m enjoying the cooler temps and fall air, but can I be honest and tell you that the thought of winter panics me?  It was such a horrible season for us and every time I see anything Christmas related I feel nauseous, anxious, and filled with dread if I allow myself to go that far. I’m trying to focus on the thankfulness I have in the now.

Alright, enough of my random happenings and current phases.  What are YOU into these days? Talk to me, Friends. It’s much too quiet in this house.







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