By: Jennifer Murray

24 Week Bumpdate


I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since our last “Bumpdate“. Second trimester is going smoothly so far! The biggest milestone we’ve hit so far happened this week – VIABILITY! If you haven’t experienced a high-risk pregnancy, you might be familiar with that term, but it’s a BIG DEAL. It means our baby could possibly survive if born today with major medical assistance. Certainly not interested in a NICU roller coaster this round, but it certainly makes things more “real”.

The bump seems to grow by the day. So funny that a couple of weeks ago I was still squeezing into my regular clothes, and now I’m all out there!

Last week’s appointment he measured 1 lb 5 oz, but he’s supposed to double in the next 3 weeks!!! He’s around 12 inches long. His brain cells are developed enough to have thought and memory, he recognizes familiar sounds, his lungs are developing, and he’s getting hair. Incredible!



Mostly just the typical second trimester pregnancy symptoms, but nothing too horrible. I’m enjoying being able to do so many things at this stage. (For my quad pregnancy I was already 2 weeks into strict bedrest, and at home monitoring for contractions at 24 weeks!) 

I’ve been having leg cramps wake me up the past few nights. YEOW! Thankful for no back pain, swelling, reflux, or major discomforts…yet. 


Last week we got another peek at the growing guy at my 23 week appointment. He is soooooo active in there. Even when I think he’s having his “rest times”, he’s in there going a mile a minute! I think he’s enjoying all the room his brothers pre-stretched out for him! #OneBabyPerks

We also registered for a few things on Amazon and Target for fun, and for the perks of registering! {WAY better gift bags than when we registered for the boys and got a few coupons!}

And we officially have diapers in our home after a 6+ year hiatus! They were a steal on Amazon Prime Now, so I took advantage of the price!



Everything tastes so good still, especially anything Mexican. I’ve had a donut craving for the entire pregnancy and finally gave in earlier this week with a glaze donut from the famous Longs Bakery. I should have given in earlier, because now the craving seems satisfied!


My only real aversion is cleaning out leftovers from the fridge, and I pretty much had an aversion to that prior!

Looking Forward To: 

Still looking forward to figuring out his room space, getting a crib set up, and collecting more things we’ll need for his arrival, and counting down every week that gets us closer to holding him!

The Boys:

The boys are getting more excited the bigger I get! Ha! They talk to him daily and take care of me so well!


Still leaning pretty heavily on a first name we like, but it’s not official. The boys are trying to convince us to let them pick four names for a middle name and draw it out of a hat! Not sure we’ll give in!


We continue to be so grateful for how you are all sharing in this joy with us! Thank you for letting us share this unexpected part of our journey with you! Our hearts are full! 

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By: Jennifer Murray

Spring Life

We always welcome Spring in Indiana.  Part of what makes spring so glorious in the Midwest is the contrast from the bitter winter. Here the Magnolias trees are giving their encore, the grass is the deepest of green, the pear trees are beginning to bloom, and a few wild flowers are starting to pop.


This week we’re on Spring Break, and although we crave the beach, sand, sunshine, and consistently warm temps, we’re content to enjoy how life is returning once again right here.


Yesterday we rejoiced in celebrating our Risen Savior for Easter together as a family. Later on, we were able to throw on some shorts (an accomplishment in March in Indiana) and enjoy a family hike.


I love being outdoors with these dudes. It’s always entertaining to see what treasures {trash} they find, who ends up getting wet, and who outlasts everyone.


The day ended with the first catch of the year, before the storms rolled in.


I’m thankful more than ever for LIFE this spring – For the life He sacrificed for us, for the life returning all around us, for the life He’s entrusted us with, and for the new life that we’ll meet in the next season!


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By: Jennifer Murray

Read. Reading. To Be Read.


I love sharing what we’ve been reading and getting good book recommendations from YOU, so here’s some of what we’ve read, what we’re reading, and what’s up next on our reading lists.

Personally What I’ve Read so Far in 2016:

  • Inside the O’Briens by Lisa Genova – I really enjoyed this author’s book Still Alice, so I decided to give this one a try. It was a tough read, but one I’m glad I finished. Lots of perspective for family + health!
  • A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner – Loved the parallels in this story and how it all came together.
  • You and Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan – One of the THE BEST marriage books I’ve read. Really want to go back through this one again and soak up even more.


What We’ve {Re}Read with the Boys: 

They read so many chapter books on their own these days, but we still love reading books aloud at the end of the day.

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe  by C.S. Lewis – The boys and Brad finished this one for the second time. This time was even better, as the boys were a little older and able to grasp more of the story.
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Loyd-Jones – I think this is our 4th total time through this book. It’s always fresh and such a cherished read.

What I’m Currently Reading: 

  • Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger – I’m about halfway through this one and still not able to anticipate where it’s going. It had a bit of a slow start, but now I’m really into the characters and anticipating the ending.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – This one has been on my list for some time after so many friends have loved it. I figured it’s the perfect time to dig in as we’re already in the mode of updating and organizing before the baby comes.


What We’re Currently Reading with the Boys:

Here’s what we’ve been reading for nightly devotions… (Here’s more of our devotional favorites.)


And Here’s What’s On My Personal To-Read List: 

I’m fortunate to have friends who are authors. I’ve known them from back when they were “just bloggers” and I’m so incredibly proud of their efforts that have poured onto these pages. Get your hands on these! They can be found at Target, Amazon, your local Christian bookstores, and on best seller’s lists!!!!

  • My Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner – I’ve always admired how Jess balances her roles in life with self-care and creativity – something I definitely want to grow in.
  • Raising Grateful Kids in An Entitled World By Kristen Welch –  I’m anxious to gain more perspective on raising our kids to be thankful and have a greater perspective for what they’ve been given – something we’re constantly working on in our home.
  • Choose Joy by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver – So many lives were touched by Sara’s life, and I’m so thankful that my dear friend Mary could continue to share her story and the beauty of choosing joy regardless of circumstances.
  • Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington – This is an area I’ve really been intentional in growing in, and I’m looking forward to gaining more wisdom from someone whom I admire so much.

What’s On the Boys’ To-Read List:

  • Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis – The boys are looking forward to the next book in the Chronicles of Narnia series.
  • Unbroken (Young Adult Adaptation) by Laura Hildenbrand – Brad and I both were greatly impacted by reading Unbroken and consider it one of our top 3 books we’ve ever read.  The boys have heard us talk about it over the past couple of years, and when Brooks and I found the adapted version at the library, we had to check it out. We’ll definitely preview this one before reading it aloud, but I look forward to the boys getting to hear the astounding story of Louis Zamperini.
  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madelene L’Engle – I cannot wait to dive into this classic with my dudes!

Now for my favorite part….YOUR turn! What are you reading for fun? What are your reading for personal growth? What are you reading with your kids? Can’t wait to add more books for my “To Be Read” list! 

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a tiny affiliate commission (Diaper Money!!!) – so THANK YOU. Know that I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to your lives, because I genuinely care about you!
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