By: Jennifer Murray

$5 Secret Flash Sale – Bread & Wine and Other Gifts from Dayspring

Had to pop in and let you know that my friends at Dayspring are having a TERRIFIC 24 Hour Secret Flash Sale. Today is it, People.

You know my one of my favorite books of all time, Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist? It’s 5 BUCKS.


And this rock your world read – What Women Fear by Angie Smith? 


You guessed it, 5 One Dollar Bills.

Oh and this adorable pitcher


And this platter?


And this beautiful vase?


5 Bucks too.

Makeup bags and other five dollar finds too! 


These deals are  ridiculously awesome (up to 90% off), but the secret is getting out and these will sell out fast, so GO GRAB YOU SOME!

If you spend at least $30, you can get free shipping using the code: FREE30 or you can save 20% off your entire order with the code: save20gifts

*The links above are affiliate links, which means when you purchase something I get a little percentage of it to snatch deals like these up too! Thanks, Friends!
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By: Jennifer Murray

On Your Due Date…

Our Sweet Baby 5,

Today was the day we marked on our calendar as the day you were due to be born – the end of the summer and what we thought would be the start of a an entirely new blessing.

That wasn’t God’s plan for your life, and we’ve wrestled and submitted to His plan for you. However, a day hasn’t went by that we haven’t thought of you, and longed for the day when we will finally meet.

The pain that we’ve walked through is an outpouring of our love for you. It’s a outcry to show that you were life, and you mattered.

Each time I see a swollen belly of a baby due around your due date, I want to both cry and rejoice with the mother who is carrying that life. What a joy it must be to still have a beating heart inside of you!

Just because your life wasn’t made for this earth, doesn’t mean it was insignificant.  You have impacted our lives in a deep way.  You were a surprise to us that we didn’t even think was possible. You were a gift.

Until Heaven,

Mommy, Daddy, and Your Four Brothers



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By: Jennifer Murray

Freezing Summer


Can we just stop the calender right here? July 23rd.

Freeze, Summer, right there. We have you surrounded.

We can all save a small fortune on school supplies and clothes, skip the back to school aisles, and just let this summer simmer a little longer. What do you say? My teacher friends are back in their classrooms preparing for students in just over a week, and I’m in total denial. Thankfully, we have a little longer on our homeschool schedule, but STILL. I ran into Michael’s the other day to grab some jars for my Lavender Bath Salts, and it was painted in Halloween and I could have cried.


We have been living it up with lazy summer mornings, outdoor adventures, cookouts, late nights, fresh veggies from our little garden, and hitting every swimming hole we can find.

I just know we’ll never have this 7 year-old-summer back again, and it’s been grand.

Today we’re taking a day trip up to Lake Michigan with our neighbors. I can’t wait to have my toes in the sand, the sunshine on my back, and kids laughing as they run down the sandy dunes as my soundtrack. I’m savoring every little bit of juice this summer’s got left in it. Anyone else?

If you’re with me, please pass the sweet corn and ice cream.


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