By: Jennifer Murray

We Kissed Homeschooling Goodbye…


Curriculum was ordered.  Their 1 day a week tutelage at The Master’s Study tuition was paid. Goals had been written. We were gearing up for our 3rd year of homeschool.


About a week and a half ago when Brad took the boys to an indoor playground while I was fighting off a headache.  He ran into a contact who chatted with him briefly about Trader’s Point Christian Academy where his son attended, and Brad decided to stop by the school office just to explore it  for upcoming years if we decided not to continue homeschool at some point. He knew it would most likely be out of the question financially, but decided to grab some information, regardless.

One week later we were meeting with the admissions director and touring the school, torn completely by what to do for THIS school year, and the thought of letting go of something we loved.

On Monday we registered them, met with staff, bought school supplies, attended the open house, and tried to ready ourselves for a BIG change for our family. Everything fell into place extremely quickly and smoothly.

So why change something good?

There were so many contributing factors that led us to this decision.  Overall, it’s what we’ve prayed about and come to the decision that this is what’s best for our boys and our family this year. We didn’t want to leave our community at TMS. We didn’t want to give up our freedom of having our boys at home and the flexibility of our schedule. We didn’t want to let them go in so many ways.

If we picked the most comfortable thing, we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

In the whirlwind of emotions and contemplating changes, God guided our steps to here.  And perhaps it’s just the honeymoon phase, but it’s going better than we could have ever imagined. We have been embraced by the staff and parents, and we have felt so incredibly welcomed. I met with a few parents at a coffee/prayer meet-up on the first day of school, and a woman I had never met said she and several others had been praying for us by name. Incredible. 

My heart still hurts a little with dropping off four at once, but I’m confident that God has great things planned for their year. We LOVED our 2 extra years to have them here at home, and we’re open to doing so again at some point if we’re led.  We appreciate your prayers and grace during this transition.

PS Anyone need any homeschool supplies/curriculum?  ;)

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By: Jennifer Murray

Turn By Turn Decisions…


Hiya, Friends. Still there? All tan, refreshed, and summerfied?

Remember me? The quad mom with 4 boys. Yeah, the crazy one.

I know I’ve been quiet. It’s been summer, and crazy, and different, and the ole blog got the shaft.

Thanks for stickin’ it out. I’ve missed this space, and hope I can write a little more frequently now that things are headed back into more of a routine.

We’re in the midst of one of those major life decisions this week. And right now I have no clue how it will turn out. There are no sky writings or signs, just a lot of praying and conversations that go late into the night.

I was on my way to teach an essential oils intro class today, and I had Google Maps navigating me the whole way there. Is that not the best invention of our time? I mean, really, People. A voice tells us by using satellites which street to turn on, how far ahead to turn, when to exit, how long it will take to arrive at the destination on your phone. The dinosaurs would be so impressed.

I couldn’t help but thinking how much I wish God would hack into my app and tell me specific turn by turn directions for the decision we are facing.

So which way do I go? How long? Merge? Exit here?

“You have arrived at your destination.”

Jesus took the wheel.

I know sometimes decisions are more clear than others. God prompts us to act in a way that is obvious. Perhaps He will do so for this situation as well. But other times, we just have to seek to glorify Him, follow His Word, and know that there might not be a “wrong” decision.

And even if we go the wrong way, there are U-Turns allowed and grace on that road back.

If our motives are to honor Him we don’t really have to fear messing it all up, do we?

The longer Brad and I live this life together, the more we realize we are just passengers. We’re along for the ride, and it’s ultimately not in our hands.

We can make all the plans in the world, but it’s God’s ultimate purpose that will stand.

I can rest my heavy head on my pillow on that one.













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By: Jennifer Murray

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