FAQ: Part 2

This is Part 2/2 of FAQs that will remain posted on the menu bar, here on 4tunate. You can find Part 1 HERE.

6. What’s a Day in the Life of a Mama of Quadruplets Look Like?

Contrary to popular belief I do not rise at the crack of dawn to churn butter, weave baskets, mend clothing, or cultivate the land. In fact, this schedule looks like a breeze in comparison to the days of the 3 hour bottle feeding schedule. Currently, what works well for all of us is putting the boys down to bed rather late and in return, they sleep pretty late. Here’s what a “typical” day looks like on our Hoppy Time clock:

day at the Murrays 3.26-0099c

5:30 Brad’s Alarm Goes Off (Jen Ignores the Multiple Snoozes and Continues to Sleep)

6:30 Brad Heads Off to Work

7:30 Jen’s Alarm Goes Off

8:00 Jen Showers, Gets Breakfast Ready, Prepares for Day

8:30/9:00 Get the Munchkins Up, Change Diapers and Clothes

9:15 Breakfast

9:45 Clean-up Breakfast

10:00 Playtime: Reading, Playing with Toys, Walks, Park, Playing in Yard

12:00 Prepare Lunch

12:15 Lunch

12:45 Clean-up Lunch

1:00 Pick-up Toys, Change Diapers, Get Ready for Nap

1:30 NAPTIME!!!!!!

4:00/4:30 Playtime

4:55 Brad Gets Home (We All Cheer Loudly)

5:00 Finish Preparing Dinner for 6

5:30 Dinner Together as a Family

6:00 Clean-up Dinner

6:15 Playtime

7:30 Bath Time

8:00 Get Ready for Bed

8:30 Lights OUT!

8:35 Pickup Around House, Laundry, Chores, Wash Sippy Cups, Fill Sippy Cups for Next Day, Veg, and Eventually Sleep

RINSE and REPEAT!!!! =)

7. How do you maintain a healthy marriage under the stress of raising four 2 year olds?

We work at it EVERYDAY! I didn’t realize how MUCH having children would challenge our relationship. Brad and I’s marriage has been tested like never before through the journey of quadparenting. We’ve failed in many areas and on many occasions, but we are committed to each other for LIFE! We know that the only way our marriage will survive is if we prioritize our relationships: GOD first, each other second, and next our boys. We use the quiet times of our day to regroup and communicate. We also allow each other breaks outside of the house, which I think has been vital! Once a month minimum date nights are another lifeline for our marriage. We are extremely grateful for family and dear dear friends who have sacrificed their own time for the sake of our marriage!


8. What sorts of foods do the boys enjoy?

Although I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “health freak” by any stretch, I do think it’s my responsibility as a mom to offer the boys nutritious options for meals. We aren’t 100% Organic or even close, but as often as possible, I pick groceries that are natural sans preservatives. We also buy foods that are low in sugar. However, we do indulge in “treats” now and then, and fast food while it isn’t our favorite choice, is something we resort to when we are on the road or in a bind.

Overall, I think we’ve struck a healthy balance for our family.

Some of our standby meals are: Quesadillas, PBJ, Eggs, Grilled Cheese, Chicken, Waffles, Burgers, and their absolute favorite Pizza!

They aren’t HUGE veggie eaters but we offer them every meal. Their favorite veggies are sweet potatoes, carrots, hummus, and Veggie Straws. Each meal consists of protein, veggies, and fruit. The boys LOVE dairy and carbs, and almost any fruit – so those are simple to serve.

I’m ALWAYS up for suggestions in this department. So feel free to share your favorite menus!

day at the Murrays 3.26-0012

9. How did you conceive quadruplets? IVF? IUI?

I’ve written A TON about our struggle with infertility in these posts, but for the record one more time: Our boys were conceived without any “I’s”. No IVF. No IUI. I was taking a hormone to replace a deficiency in my body (due to PCOS) that is required for ovulation. I’m always willing to talk personally about our experiences through email and consider it a privilege to pray for the many of you who are trying to conceive.

10. How do you manage to keep things organized and clean in your home?

I’ve gotten this question several times, and every time I look around me and chuckle out loud. Seriously. No seriously! Don’t judge a house by a picture. These little rascals can tear up a spick and span room in an INSTANT! We are teaching the boys to pick up their toys before nap, and at the end of the day. We do function best with ORDER, so I we do our best to maintain a orderly home, but in all honesty every week something, usually multiple things are left uncrossed on my To-Do-List. I just try to put the uncrossed items on the top of the list for the following week. It’s all about perspective. Eighteen years from now I can worry about a spiffy house, for now I want to enjoy the boys while they are here, mess and all.
Hope this answers some of those burning questions that you’ve been loosing sleep over! =) In return for answering these FAQs, I have a few questions for YOU! How about returning the favor?????
1. How did you find our blog?
2. Why do you read our blog?
3. What would you like to see more of on this blog?

Looking forward to hearing your answers to my questions!