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20 Easy Last-Minute Teacher Gifts

20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Teachers

The boys have their end of the semester performance tonight, and their last day at the 1-day a week school. So what will I be doing today?  Putting together last-minute teacher gifts, of course. I have a date with Trader Joe’s, some gift bags, and ribbon. No apples, just some simple gifts to show our appreciation for all their hard work. But in case you were needing some last-minute ideas for your kid’s teachers, I have 20 EASY ones for you over at Land O’Moms today.

 {No glue gun or glitter required.}

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Christmas Traditions To Make The Season Magical


It’s a precious thing to behold Christmas through a child’s perspective. This year I’m soaking up these Christmas moments with my Littles while they last.  I know that the excitement, the innocence, the wonder, are depleting by the year. The way they light up when we plug in the tree for the first time, the way they react when they find their favorite ornament, how they serenade Brad as he puts up lights outdoors, and the anticipation of counting down the days, are all things that will be a little less on the “magic scale” come next Christmas.  Which is why we’re savoring it all the more this December.

So What Are Some Ways We Hold on to the Magic of the Season?

~ Walking downtown Indianapolis to take in the Circle of Lights, the reindeer, and the nativity

~ Dancing to Christmas music on Pandora

~ Watching some of our absolute favorite Christmas flicks together

~ Opening a door of their an advent house every morning of December

~ Decorating sugar cookies with grandma(s) ~ Allowing them to decorate their own kids’ tree

~ Sleeping under the tree on Christmas Eve

~ Caroling to neighbors and to the nursing home

~ Reading some of our favorite Christmas stories: The Polar Express, The Tale of  Three Trees, The First Christmas Tree, and others

~ Making Reindeer Food together


We’ve also been having fun with the North Pole Magic Mail, and the North Pole Communicator that Hallmark sent us this month. And the boys would love to decorate a Gingerbread House this year, so maybe we’ll add it to our yearly traditions if it’s not a complete disaster. Hopefully a lot of these traditions will continue for years to come, and perhaps one day they’ll carry on a few of these magical traditions with their own kids. Their spirit is contagious, and I hope we can spread some of that child-like wonder to family and friends this season. It’s all about enjoying the moments, celebrating the meaning, and soaking up their excitement this season. 


So How Do YOU Make the Most of This Magical Season?  What Traditions Do You Enjoy with Your Kids? What’s Your Favorite Way to Take It All In?

This post is part of a series that I’m partnering with Hallmark for during this month of December. I’m honored and grateful to be part of their “Life is a Special Occasion” campaign this December. 


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On Behalf of My Teacher Friends: Just Say “No” to the Apple Teacher Gifts

say no to apples for teacher's gifts

Back in my PQ (Pre-Quads) days, I used to work in the school system doing speech therapy. It was a great job with awesome kids, and some of the state’s best teachers. Around this time of year,the teacher gifts started rolling in from generous parents…gift cards to movies, every scent of Bath and Body works lotion ever made, homemade jar mixes, and APPLES.

Anything and everything APPLE.

I’m not sure when the universe united and decided that Teachers = Apples, but I’m telling you as a friend for my friends, just don’t.

The wooden Apple and ABC Chalkboard necklace you’ve been eyeing?  

The “Teacher’s Prayer” in the red apple frame?

The apple changeable wooden calendar?

The apple sweater vest that you saw at the craft fair? 

The apple stationary gift set that comes with the necklace pen that seems so perfect?

Pass it on by. 

Can I let you in on a little secret?  Most teachers don’t care for apples.

I know, it’s against the grain. It’s against everything that says “teacher”, but it’s real. They didn’t sign an oathe to collect and adore all things apple when they graduated, their homes are not wallpapered with apples, and they may not even take the “apple a day keeps the doctor away” to heart.

They appreciated your gesture of appreciation, and they are some of the most polite and kind-hearted people on this planet, so they aren’t going to put it in Friday’s newsletter that they aren’t really into apples anymore. Which is why I’m breaking it to you in advance.  Skip it this year and go for the gift card, the chocolates, a gift for the classroom, or even better write a genuine hand-written thank you letter and volunteer some of your time to change out his/her bulletin board.

And if you simply cannot resist the urge to do something apple – I suggest it come in baked good form instead of wooden. 

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