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Contigo® Striker AUTOSPOUT Sports Water Bottle Giveaway {25 Winners}

contigo no spill water bottles for kids spill proof


Spills are a frequent part of my life, like this doozy of a spill that took place over the weekend…


A FULL half gallon of Oberweis Chocolate Milk in a glass bottle ended up on my kitchen floor and tiny pieces of glass shattered into the living room. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the process, but cleaning up milk and glass for an hour and a half on a Saturday morning wasn’t in my weekend plans!


Thanks to our Contigo® No-Spill Kids Cups, our van/backpacks/lunchboxes have stayed spill-free! {Did you see that? A piece of my sanity just returned to me!} And I’m not sure about YOU, but I would clean a kitchen floor 99 times to 1 over cleaning out car seats and the van. 

I simply LOVE Contigo products.  The No-Spill Trekker Cups have worked beautifully for us, and now we’re trying out the AUTOSPOUT Striker Kids Water Bottles

Things I love about the Contigo® Striker Water Bottles?

  • Spill/Leak Proof – upside down, shake, shimmy, throw, you name it my boys have tried it! (even with the spout up)
  • Perfect for on the Go
  • Encourages Hydration for My Active Kids
  • One-Handed Drinking and One Touch Button Make for Easy Operation (Age 3+)
  • It’s FUN – the “AUTOSPOUT” magic factor and a great design
  • Dishwasher Safe

But don’t take MY WORD for it…

Here’s a quick clip of the things my boys like about their new water bottles and you can see the No-Spill magic with your own eyes! 

{Also, after doing my first giveaway for Contigo®, I had overwhelming feedback from other moms who were extremely pleased with their purchases!}

You can find this Contigo® product to purchase at,, and other retailers like Target, Meijer, Williams Sonoma, and Kmart for under $10! {Great stocking stuffer!}

 Contigo® is generously providing 25 of their new Striker Water Bottles to YOU!  {25 winners means you have an EXCELLENT chance, People!}

contigo no spill water bottles for kids spill proof

Simply tell me in the comment section…

“WHERE is the worst place that you’ve cleaned up a disaster of a spill?”  

{Bonus Entry:Pin your favorite Contigo® product or this giveaway on one of your Pinterest boards and leave me a comment telling me that you’ve done so.}

Also, I would recommend following Contigo® on Facebook and Twitter! They have lots of great giveaways and they truly LOVE feedback from Moms like YOU!

Thanks again to Contigo® for sponsoring this giveaway, allowing me to try out your product, and rewarding my time and efforts in promoting your brand!

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Contigo® No-Spill Mug Giveaway

Green TrekkerGreen TrekkerBlue TrekkerBlue Trekker

I’ve had my share of horrendous spills in my life as a mom of four young boys.  Just this week it was a 1/2 a box of cereal and four cups of milk, which splashed all over my counters, cabinets, and floors, when a football landed in the middle of it.  You know that “No Ball in the House” Rule”? They just might be on to something there…

And as for the “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk” Rule, clearly that guy didn’t have kids when he wrote that one.

However, I would MUCH rather clean up cabinets, floors, counter tops over spills in the van.  There’s really not much worse on earth than scrubbing down car seats and upholstery in hopes of not having the residue spoil in the hot van. {Can I get an “AMEN”?} 

That’s why I’m soooooooo thankful for these No-Spill kids mugs I’ve found through my friends at Contigo®. They sent me four to try out and I was over the moon.  No leaks, no mess, no drips, no worries. They are ideal for on the go, and I’m thinking they’ll be perfect for school lunches. {Hold me – the “school” word makes me hyperventilate lately.}

Unlike sippy cups or straw cups, there are no valves, straws, or other random parts to keep track of – and they are easy for little hands to operate. The AUTOSEAL automatically seals the lid between sips with an easy press-to-sip, release-to-seal button making it 100 percent spill and leak-proof. Other things I love?  They are top-rack dishwasher safe,  BPA free, the design is super fun, and surprisingly very affordable at $5.99 suggested retail. {There’s a Set of 2 Kids Cups currently on Amazon for under $10!}

Contigo® is generously offering 25 No-Spill Kids Cups to my readers here at 4tunate! Twenty-Five!  The odds are ever in your favor, Friends!

Enter by leaving a comment to tell me:

“What’s the biggest spill you’ve ever cleaned up as a parent?”

{Bonus Entry:Pin your favorite Contigo® product on one of your Pinterest boards and leave me a comment telling me that you’ve done so.}

You can also follow Contigo® on Facebook and Twitter.



Thanks again to Contigo® for sponsoring this giveaway, allowing me to try out your product, and rewarding my time and efforts in promoting your brand!

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Yancy Blog Tour + Giveaway

yancy blog tour and giveaway 

There’s not much in this world that melts my heart more than my kids singing their hearts out in worship. Oh how I hope the words on their lips becomes the desire of their hearts!

I was introduced to Yancy and Friends through my dear friend Amanda – who looks like her so much it’s almost scary. (She blogs at Impress Your Kids and pretty much blows me away with her passion and creativity.)  Anywho, she put together this tour of Yancy’s new album Little Praise Party: Happy Everyday, so that you could hear her heart behind the music and preview the album.  How fun is that? 

Here’s Yancy personalized performance of “I Like to Jump” just for our boys and YOU!  {Enjoy your very own private concert! I’m sure your kids will love it too!} 



There are 12 fun filled days of the Yancy Blog Tour, so you can check out every song on the album.

***Yancy is also generously giving one of our readers a CD and DVD – so just leave a comment on this post about which song on the Yancy Blog Tour is your personal favorite. Hurry! I’ll be picking a winner Monday night, so you have 24 hours to enter!!!!***

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