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7 Fall Treats for Kids {And Their Parents}



I’ve been collecting and drooling over some easy fall treats and goodies for kids over on my “Falling for Fall” Board on Pinterest, that I just HAD to share!  I love how baking and fall go hand in hand.  Add some kids helping out {and licking the bowl} and it’s the perfect equation! 

Here’s a Handful of My Favorite Fall Treats Finds:

1. “Whooooo” wouldn’t love these Owl Cupcakes from One Charming Party? They used chocolate cupcakes, frosting, Oreos, and Reese’s Pieces to make these cute creations.

owl cupcakes one charming party


2. S’more Popcorn from Thirty Handmade Days will leave you wanting s’more!  And s’more!  And s’more! Carmel corn, marshmallow, Golden Grahams, and chocolate – please pass the bowl! 

s'more popcorn 30 handmade days 

3. Even if you don’t go crazy over real candy corn, you’ll love these Candy Corn Sugar Cookies from Kathie Cooks. The dough layers make these impressively easy! 

candy corn sugar cookies kathie cooks 

4. I love the combination of chocolate and pumpkin!  Don’t these Pumpkin Chocolate Brownies from Pennies on a Platter look sooooo good? 

pumpkin chocolate chip brownies seeded at the table

5. I never knew making Homemade Apple Chips was so easy until I came across this recipe on Fifteen Spatulas. I know the kids would love making these together!

homemade apple chips fifteen spatulas

6. This Festive Fall Trail Mix is always a winner in our house.  No baking required, just munching!



7. Need something to wash that all down with? How about an Apple Cider Floats from That’s So Michelle? We’ve already checked drinking apple cider off our Fall Bucket List, but we might have to add these instead!

apple cider slushies thats so michelle


Tell me!  What’s YOUR favorite Fall Treat?


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Easter Traditions: Making Resurrection Rolls

You’ve probably heard of the “Empty Tomb” Resurrection Rolls, but have you tried them? They are easy for Easter holiday and a great way to incorporate the meaning into some hands-on-fun in the kitchen for your kids!  It’s a sweet treat you’ll want to make an Easter tradition!

4 Simple Ingredients for Resurrection Rolls:

  • Crescent Rolls
  • Melted Butter
  • Marshmallows (Large or Mini)
  • Cinnamon Sugar

reserection rolls ingredients

The recipe that has been passed around for years calls for large marshmallows, but we didn’t have any in our pantry, so we substituted 3 mini marshmallows per crescent roll, which worked out just fine! Plus I read that the larger marshmallows tend to ooze out while baking, so this might be an easy solution.

cresent rolls reserection marshmallows

Instructions for Assembling and Baking Resurrection Rolls:

1. Preheat your oven as instructed on the crescent roll package.

2. While you are waiting for the oven to preheat, read John 19 about the sentence, crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus.  (There is something about reading this account straight from the Bible, although I LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible’s* version as well.)

scripture passage for easter

3. Unroll crescent rolls (which represents the burial linen cloths of Jesus) into 8 separate triangles.

making reserection rolls with kids

4. Roll white marshmallow(s) (which represent the pure sinless body of Christ) in butter and cinnamon sugar (which represent the burial oils and spices). 

5. Wrap the cinnamon sugar covered marshmallow in the crescent roll, pinching the dough together. 

6. Place the rolls in the oven (which represents the tomb).

reserection rolls baking for easter  

7. Bake as instructed on package.

8. While baking, read John 20:1-18 about the empty tomb and see if your kids can predict what will happen to the marshmallow.

9. Once the rolls have cooled, open to reveal the missing marshmallow.  Jesus has risen!  He’s ALIVE!

10. Enjoy this sweet and savory treat and the meaning behind the cooking activity.  

easter coloring page empty tomb

We followed up this activity by coloring this Easter empty tomb coloring page. Currently, Clark is dancing around the house singing “Easter has come!”, so I think the activity was effective! =)

What kinds of activities do YOU do with your family for the Easter holiday?


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Surviving Snow Days: How to Make Snow Ice Cream

homemade snow ice cream

Indiana was hit with more snow yesterday, followed by very cold temperatures today.  Since making snowmen and sledding in below zero wind chills is out of the question, we’ll probably make another batch of snow ice cream.  

I’m shocked at how many people have never tried Snow Cream (ice cream made from snow) living in the northern US!  This was my husbands first taste of it as well.  If you love homemade ice cream or soft serve ice cream, it will be love at first bite!

Surviving Snow Days Snow Ice Cream


8-10 cups of Fresh Snow (the white kind of course) or a Large Heaping Bowl Full

1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 teaspoon of Vanilla


1. Scoop snow into a large bowl. I know this seems like a large amount, but the other ingredients reduce it down.

2. Pour condensed milk and vanilla over snow and mix well.

3. Serve immediately.

I guarantee it will help you survive your snow day! 😉

If you need another idea, don’t forget you can skip the 20 minute bundling and bring the snow inside to play!

Have you ever tried Snow Cream?


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