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On Becoming a Soccer Mom…


Minivan – CHECK

Soccer Cleats, Jerseys, Socks, Shin Guards – CHECK

Snacks – CHECK

Folding Chairs – CHECK

This week we begin our first organized sport.  Brad (former soccer stud) will be assistant coaching, and I’ll be cheering them on from the sideline each Saturday from now until Memorial Day come rain or shine. {Thank goodness they’re all on the same team! I dread the day when we’ll be torn between teams or running from one soccer field to the other.} Yes, they make up half of the team.

It’s been a muddy, sopping wet spring thus far, therefore there will be a highly competitive laundry volunteer position posted later this week.  First come first serve, no line jumping.

Honestly, as a rookie soccer mom, I’d love some input from those of you who have graced the sidelines over the years.  How should I tame/encourage their competitive spirits?  What’s the best snack to pack? What should I pack for the games, etc?

What’s one piece of advice you would share with a newbie soccer mom?

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A Simple Yet Genius Way to Keep Track of Giving Kids Medicine

You know how some of the most simple ideas are the most genius?  THIS is one of those.  I repinned this idea a little while back, and low and behold when Clark came down with a sinus infection this past week and needed antibiotics, we tried it out.

Life changing!


Just mark the days and time right on the bottle and check off after the medicine is given.  Instead of trying to solve the mystery over whether it was yesterday or this morning that you gave meds last, you can just check the bottle. {Wait am I the only one who is this forgetful?  Quadbrain 437: QuatroMama 7.}

It also makes it so much easier if more than one person is involved in giving your child medicine (husband, babysitter, nanny, etc.).

Perhaps you already have a system, or perhaps your memory is much sharper than my own, but if not THIS very well may change your life. =)


This post is linked at We are THAT Family’s Works for Me Wednesday.

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Advice On Getting a Four Year Old to Quit Sucking His Thumb

Make that 3 four year olds.

how to stop thumb sucking

Uno. (Brooks)

four year old still sucks thumb 

Dos. (Isaac)

how to quit sucking thumb

Tres. (Clark)

I know it’s thumb sucking is a terrible habit. AND it’s terrible to break.  Henry is the only one exempt and he’s pretty proud of that fact.

It started back in the day when Brad and I were trying to survive the sleepless nights x4.  We took turns putting pacifiers in all night long with our little preemies, until we looked at each other and decided this was not going to work. We took away the pacifiers cold turkey and never looked back.

Thus, they took matters into their “own hands” and started sucking their thumbs. All but Henry. We were thrilled – build in pacifiers, more sleep, self-soothing, RELIEF!

However, as their five year old birthday lurks just around the corner we know this is a habit we HAVE to break, and cutting off their thumbs isn’t exactly socially acceptable. We’ve pretty much cut it down to just at night time, but whenever they are tired or comfy or whenever Brooks and Clark find a tag on something (shirt, blanket, stuffed animal, do you know how many tags exist in this world???!!!), their instinct is to plop the thumb in their mouth.

Therefore, I’m looking to you, Wise Ones. You’ve been around this block a time or two, right?  Although they came four at one time, I’m technically still a first time mom, so I need some help. 

How do I get four 4 year olds to ditch the thumb sucking habit?

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