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Pumpkin vs. Ghost Toilet Paper Bowling

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. {For short, when I get an opportunity to “work” by shopping at Target and get good deal on toilet paper which disappears by the roll around here, I jump on it!}


pumpkin vs. ghost bowling halloween game

With Halloween just a few days away, we decided to make an easy interactive craft/game to help make this week festive.  This craft is great, because it’s easy for your kids to PLAY and MAKE with just a little supervision.

making toilet paper ghosts game

And what kid wouldn’t love the opportunity to draw faces on toilet paper? 

drawing ghost faces on toilet paper 

Here’s What You Need to Make Pumpkin vs. Ghost Toilet Paper Bowling:

  • Mini Pumpkin (I also found this cute one already decorated at Target)
  • 12 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll
  • Adhesive Tape (optional)
  • Black Sharpies or Markers
  • Flat Surface for a Bowling Lane (sidewalk, kitchen floor, hallway, etc)

making ghost faces on toilet paper with markers


1. Create ghosts faces on the toilet paper with black markers.

2. Attach clear tape to the start of the roll to keep it from unrolling if needed.

3. Stack  the 12 rolls of toilet paper into a pyramid formation.

4. Bowl the mini pumpkin down a flat surface to knock down as many rolls as possible.

5. Restack the fallen rolls, and take turns bowling frames to see who can knock over the most toilet paper rolls in the game.

   ghost bowling with toilet paper rolls   

*** This was also a fun way to practice our addition math facts.  “6 toilet paper rolls on the first frame plus 5 on the next, equals how many rolls of toilet paper?” And to total up our final score.

bowling toilet paper rolls and mini pumpkinplaying toilet paper bowling with pumpkin

Oh and I wanted to let you know that I was able to get a FREE box of Kleenex with my 12 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll with this coupon at Target, {Click on the link to print the coupon while supplies last} which I know we need to stock up on as the cold/flu season quickly approaches.

What about YOU – Do you have any easy Halloween craft, game, snack ideas to share week? I would love to pin them to my “I’m a Lover of Autumn” Pinterest Board, so leave them in the comment section, and I’ll add them to my board!

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“Owl”oween Snack Mix and Treat Bags

owl treat bags for halloween

It’s time to start planning for Fall and all of its festiveness. And how cute are these “Owl”oween Treat Bags and Snack Mix for trick-or-treaters, fall parties, or after school munchies??!!!

The mix is four simple ingredients, and fun for the kids to make together.

making halloween snack mix with kids

Here’s What You Need for the Snack Mix:

  • A Box of Honey Grahm Cereal
  • A Bag of Miniature Marshmallows
  • A Bag of Semi-Sweet {or milk or dark} Chocolate Chips
  • A Bag of Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Candies

Simply mix the ingredients together in a large bowl until well blended.

It’s the good stuff, You Guys. There’s no looking back. Think S’mores with Peanut Butter.

halloween snack mix

To Assemble Each Individual Owl Treat Bag You Need:

  • Brown Construction Paper Cut In the Shape Of An Owl Face (You can use a template like this one.) I folded over my paper in half to make it double-sided and easier to attach.
  • 2 Large Orange or Dark Brown Circles
  • 2 Medium White Circles
  • 2 Small Black Circles
  • 1 Yellow or Orange Triangle
  • Adhesive Tape or Staples
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Small Treat Bag (like these)

(Just multiply these supplies by the number of owls you plan on making.)

halloween owl treat bags

Assemble the owls as shown. Cut feathers or slits on the side of the owls face. Then filling the bag with the mix, and then attach the owl face to the treat bag with staples or tape.

halloween snack mix recipe

You can serve the remaining mix for a fall get-together or store it in an air-tight container to keep it fresh.

So now that you have some OWL-ragious treats to share with your favorite trick or treaters, are you in full costume planning mode?

We’re kinda famous for pulling off some hilarious group Halloween costumes. And the pressure is on every year to come up with something clever. So far this year, I’m blank and need your inspiration.

I know y’all have ridiculously creative Halloween costumes worth sharing. Hub Network is hosting a First Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest with a chance at a $25,000 prize. Now THAT’s a lot of CANDY CORN!!!

It’s a costume contest like no other and there’s a winner from each state with 6 categories to enter! Check it out, enter, and we’ll be sure to cheer you on!


This post was sponsored by Hub Network through their partnership with Circle of Moms. While I was compensated to write a post about Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest, all opinions are my own.
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10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Lemonade Stand

One hot summer day, when I was no more than 9 years old, the neighborhood kids and I decided we could help find a cure for AIDS by selling lemonade in the front yard of my house in my tiny town.  A boy named Ryan White was our age too, and was fighting for his rights and his life in our own state. We thought our dollars and pennies would help the children’s hospital find a cure and save Ryan’s life and other’s in the future.

Sure our ambition and naivety is a  little silly to look back on, but we were kids, and we could do something. We came together that day and our something made a difference, even if it didn’t save any lives.  And now I have these four boys who can do something too.  They have hearts that want to help others, and there’s no one telling them that their small isn’t enough. Because we all know that when we bring our small somethings together they can make a deep impact.

The boys have been begging since last summer to do a lemonade stand, and we were excited to set up camp at the entrance of our subdivision. It was a great opportunity for the boys to earn a little money, save a little money, and give to something their passionate about.

So what are some tips we learned about making a successful lemonade stand?

10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Lemonade Stand

10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Lemonade Stand:

1. Plan Ahead. Make signs, shop for your ingredients, collect your table materials and then spread the word! We loved using Country Time Lemonade’s “Stand Plan” to help us make a checklist of must-haves!

chalkborad lemonade stand signs

2.Set a Goal. What would you like to accomplish in a day?  100 cups of lemonade sold?  $50? Dream big!

3. Location. Location. Location. In front of your house may not be the best/busiest location for your stand.  Find an area where lots of kids will be passing by and that gets steady traffic.  We picked a shady spot in the front of our subdivision near the park.

4. Give it Some Curb Appeal.  Give it your own flavor and creative style.  We went simple with a folding table, but we used a chalkboard sign, tablecloth, lemons, striped paper straws, colorful lemonade, and cute boys to lure the crowds. 😉

adorable lemonade stand

5. Find a “Something” to Support and Share. We put aside a portion of our profits to support our Compassion International child, Jamali, someone we already care for greatly and find ways to encourage. 

6. Make a Signature Glass of Lemonade. We put a Lemonhead in the bottom of the cup just for fun – and people seemed to love it. They also seemed to like having choices.  We had Country Time Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Tea Lemonade, and traditional Lemonade throughout the day.

7. Be Friendly and Polite. Lemonade stands are a perfect opportunity to practice good manners, and social skills with kids and adults.

how to make a successful lemonade stand

8. Let the Kids Do The Work. If at all possible, sit back and let the kids run the business. Help with giving change when needed or small reminders along the way, but make it easy for them to run by using drink dispenser containers, an ice bucket, money box, etc.  It’s amazing the ownership they will gain from earning their own money.

9.  Use the Opportunity to Teach Kids Economics. Who knew expense reports, revenue vs. profit, and counting money could be so fun?!!!

lemonade stand money lessons

10. Allot some of the profits for spending and saving. This is another great tool to show kids how money works and how far it can go.  Our boys even got to understand the value of a “bargain” by finding toys in the clearance section of Target.

quadruplets at target

I love how Country Time Lemonade’s Great American Stand-tacular program is encouraging kids to learn these valuable lessons of entrepreneurship and helping those in need. In turn, they are offering their Facebook fans a “Stand Plan” {awesome printables, recipes, “Lemonenomics”, tips, etc.} that is an awesome resource for hosting your own lemonade stand, and each fan who posts a photo of their stand can trigger a $5 donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

country time lemonade stand-tacular

Because, really how easy is it to simply post a picture to Facebook?!!!

{I’d LOVE to see your pictures of your adorable kid’s lemonade stands too – so post them to the 4tunate Facebook Page while you’re at it!}

*Special thanks to Kraft Foods for selecting us as Country Time ambassadors for this project, providing the lemonade and stand materials, and for compensating my time in sharing this project. 
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