By: Jennifer Murray

AND I’m Thankful “4”…



My Dear Clark,

It’s just over a day until Thanksgiving, which makes us reflect on how blessed we are to have you in our lives, Clark.  You have a smile that lights up the room and a laugh that just compliments it.  I love how you verbalize everything with enthusiasm, from trying out new words, to imitating animal sounds, to singing. I love how you adore your brothers and how you unsparingly share your kisses and hugs with them.  We are so grateful for your miracle life.  Our hearts are filled with thankfulness for you, Clark!


Mama and Daddy

2 Responses to “AND I’m Thankful “4”…”

  1. Following HIM
    November 26, 2008 at 2:55 pm #

    I am so very THANKFUL for you Clark!!! What a smile!!!

    November 26, 2008 at 7:39 pm #

    I miss my children calling me mama. When they were little that one word melted my heart more then anything!

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