By: Jennifer Murray

Our 1st (and possibly only) Q & A….

First and foremost THANK YOU for your outpouring of encouragement and congratulations through the past week. I’m glad I could share little pieces of our celebration of LIFE with you…..

I’ve been a bit stumped on how to follow up what has been some of our best blog posts ever (in my humble opinion). I can’t possibly beat the 1st Year Video, Cake Pics, or 1st Bday Memories! So I’ve decided to attempt a Q & A….Hopefully I don’t kick myself for it later!

I’ve selected a FEW questions/comments that I’ve been getting via comments or email.

Please don’t be offended if I didn’t choose your specific question. There’s probably a variety of reasons why I did not (ie: It was too intrusive, I’ve answered it before on this blog, I don’t know the answer, or because I’m just mean like that -HA!). I also would ask that you refrain from turning this post into a forum of comments/questions that you would never say aloud to your grandmother……(I’m typing this with a smile, but in all seriousness there is some REAL negativity in the air these days in the blogosphere, so I ask that you’d respect our family and keep in mind that our boys will be reading this someday.) I do read every comment, but screening every comment would be much too time consuming. On the other hand, I do like to promote blog interaction….just use some descretion! We’ll see how it goes and who knows perhaps we’ll turn this in to somewhat routine post?????

Let the Q&A; Commence….

~What Artist/Song Titles did you use in the video montage? (-Anonymous)

“All Things New” – Watermark

“Ordinary Miracle” – Sarah McLachlan

“Everything Glorious” – David Crowder Band

~Where do you get a feeding table like you have? (-Stacy, Auntiem)

You can find out more details here, but we researched and found it for the best price (plus free shipping) at It’s our all-round favorite “multiple” product! Yep, Suz, original seats + still room to grow!

~Where did you get your plastic bibs? (- The Donovans)

Baby Bjorn. Love ’em! Rinse ’em off and they’re good to go for the next feeding. Best part: no extra laundry!

~Are Brooks and Isaac “the twins”? (-Joan’s Musings)

Trust me, I get the “which ones are the twins” question a TON! I’m always tempted to say “they all are!”, because truly they are ALL either fraternal or identical twins or to say, “none of them, they’re quads!”….but I get it, you want to know who’s identical: Brooks and Clark are the 2 peas in 1 pod!

~What color are my kitchen walls? (-Karen)

Glad you like them, but I have trouble remembering the last time I brushed my teeth. I can’t recall the paint color from 3 years ago. Sorry. We got it from Porter Paints – hope that narrows it down to a few thousand.

What would you recommend for a Hospital Bed Rest Kit? (-Amanda)

Hmmm…I think I’m better at NICU Kits…maybe my quad sistas could chime in with some great suggestions for this one….Anything homemade is appreciated when your “institutionalized”, toe polish, lotion, music, sudoku, a visit????

~Which hospital did we deliver at? (-Dawn)

St. Vincent’s Women’s. Can’t say enough great things about the NICU care we received. Check out the commercial we were featured in on their behalf if you haven’t already…..

~How’s come our kiddos didn’t have to wear cranial bands like Suz’s? How did you get them in shape post-birth without them? (-The ever so popular Anonymous)

Without getting too “medi-techno”….Although the boys’ heads were quite a mess at birth due to being soooooo cramped inside me, somehow our kids’ heads have shaped up remarkably well on their own. (They did use a Halo Pillow in the NICU for Henry’s preemie head) However, this does not mean I did or didn’t do something right. Simply, our little guys heads were more pliable/soft and more symmetrical. Congrats to the Steece Quads for escaping theirs so quickly!

~How do we tell our boys apart? Do we use bracelets, etc.? (-You guessed it!)

We just know. I wish I could tell you the secret, but I can’t really describe it. They seem so distinct to me….Brooks and Clark are the trickiest, but once you’re around them for a while you begin to pick up on the little things. Their personalities are all sooooo different as well.

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