By: Jennifer Murray

Snake Oils? A Dude’s Perspective on Essential Oils



A year ago, I made fun of Jen’s “Snake Oils“. Today, I use them literally daily. When I am wrong, I am wrong.  I’m man enough to admit it.

I was honestly the biggest skeptic around when we started this stuff.  Jen was trying it, and I was laughing at her.  Honestly, I owe her an apology for my pride and my tendency to think I know everything.  I was being “logical”, and just didn’t think it made any sense.  Well, once I saw some results, it made me curious.  Since then, I have educated myself on the body and it’s ability to absorb things from the skin.  We do ingest some of the oils, but most of the time it’s applied to the skin.  Turns out, many pharmaceuticals are applied through the skin as well, it’s a scientific fact that this is an effective way to get things into our blood stream.

What has convinced me more than anything is results.  I didn’t want to believe it and be wrong, but I am practical like most other guys.  It works, and that’s enough evidence for me.

>>>A word to suspicious husbands out there:  I know it seems crazy, but if you will just give it a fair shot, you’ll be convinced too.

What I have learned this past year:

Pounding Head:

Not 100% of the time, but I have had at least 10 occasions that I’ve found relief almost instantly when applying Peppermint oil to my head.

Kids with Hot Foreheads:

When I feel a kid with a warm forehead, it cools dramatically and quickly with Peppermint almost every time with the kids

Work Tension:

This one is weird, but when I get that knot in my stomach from all of my work pressures, I pray first and ask the Lord to take my anxious thoughts, but I use Stress Away oils to remove the physical knot in my stomach. Works most of the time and helps me stay focused on what is important.

Skin Imperfections:

One of the kids has a tiny wart on the inner rim of his nose. Poor kid. Theives Oil and Frankincense (yes, the biblical stuff) has been helping dry it up this week.

Crawling Noses + Seasonal Discomforts:

This was near the beginning when I was really skeptical. Brooks had a reaction to something in his pillow we later figured out. He would go to bed and come right out with a sniffle, terribly itchy nose and eyes, and sneezing. I was amazed that when Jen rubbed Lemon and Lavendar oil on his chest, it ceased and he settled down to sleep.

Fire Throat/Belly:

I don’t get it often, but it hits once in a while without mercy. A couple drops of peppermint oil in my water to drink. It literally feels like ice rolling into my stomach. Its awesome.

Stinky Feet and Clothes:

We have stinky kids with stinky shoes and stinky laundry. Purification is amazing at removing stink. One drop in my running shoes removes at least 70% of the smell. Perfect for adding to your laundry if your towels smell stale or you forget to transfer it to the dryer. It removes environmental smells like pets, smoke, etc. when diffused as well.


I’m Sold on Young Living Essential Oils!

I can’t believe I can say that honestly, but it’s the truth.  Ladies, do you have a husband who thinks you’re nuts for wanting to try them?  I would advise you to hang in there and give him time.  Guys typically think logically about things, and he will see them at work. Contact me if you want more details or convincing at {brad at 4tunate dot net}

So thankful to Jen for sticking with them, they have blessed my life greatly!

~ Brad (the oily guy)

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By: Jennifer Murray

2 Turkeys + 2 Pilgrim Boys

We were able to kick off this Thanksgiving season with the boys’ Thanksgiving school play. They did such a great job being pilgrims and turkeys, reciting their poems and lines, quoting Psalm 100, reading their stories, and singing their songs. That is no small task to pull off for the teachers and their hard work was well displayed!


The turkeys had a better idea for Thanksgiving than being eaten. ;)


It was soooo nice having both of our parents there to enjoy their grandsons in action.


It’s definitely been an adjustment for all of us to switch our school plans {although much easier than anticipated}, but we are so thankful for how God opened the door for us to be part of this community. The boys are growing and doing so well in the classroom. They love their teacher, friends, and the staff. It’s normal to hear “Mom, I love our school” on a weekly basis. What a blessing who have boys who love getting up and going to school!


I’m also thankful that their school schedule gives them Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday off for Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait to pick those turkeys up for the week! We’re hosting my family here on Thursday and then headed to Brad’s family’s on the weekend. Pray that I don’t ruin my first turkey! =)

What are your family’s Thanksgiving plans?

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By: Jennifer Murray

Better Than Black Friday! < $5 Gifts at Dayspring

It’s not even Black Friday, and let’s not even begin the ugly debate of if stores should be open on Thanksgiving, because who needs to go out with deals this good????!!! 

All of these that I’m showing you are listed at 5 DOLLARS! 

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I think Dayspring has lost their marbles!  Less than $5 gifts, People! And they don’t scream, “You bought this at the flea market”.

Most of these items will disappear quickly, so swipe them before they get their wits about them again. ;)  

Redeemed Christmas – The Saviour Has Come – Canvas Christmas Stocking $5 (regularly $25)


Redeemed Christmas – Countdown to Christmas – Wooden Advent Chalkboard $5 (regularly $19.99)


Redeemed Christmas – He Fills My Life – Ceramic Candy Dish $5 (regularly $24.99)


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