By: Jennifer Murray

10 Back-to-School {Oily} Essentials

Now that the pencils have been sharpened, (I sharpened 90 for the first day of school – can anyone beat that?), and the last Frozen lunchbox has been fought over in the back-to-school aisle, it’s time to focus on being prepared for the infamous “Back-To-School-Bugs”.   They are back with a vengeance, and it’s time to stock up and be prepared.  I’m so thankful we have our oils this year to help us stay healthy and fight off any bugs that come our way, especially with our transition away from homeschool. (It’s been our healthiest 8 months on record since beginning our essential oils journey.) A few of these help with keeping our sanity and sleep too, which is very needed this season! ;)

Here Are My Top 10 Back-To-School {Oily} Essentials:


1. R.C. 

R.C. is our go-to for anything respiratory.  This is one we have on hand with Brooks at all times as he still deals with preemie lung issues and gets coughs very easily.  I use it on his chest to calm his cough and help his breathing, and it’s a great one to diffuse at night for respiratory health as well.

2. Thieves*

Thieves is a powerful immunity booster and germ fighter.  I’m stocking up for this winter.  This stuff is INCREDIBLE.  Last year we were directly exposed to the stomach flu (as in threw up on – eeeeek!) and avoided it completely. And every mom knows once you’ve been exposed in that way it’s a sure way to fall victim to the illness. We use this often on the bottoms of our feet (large pore system for absorption) and I diffuse it often to help purify our house.

3, 4, 5. Lemon* + Lavender* + Peppermint*

Each of these are great by themselves for a variety of things.  We like peppermint for headaches and upset tummies. Lavender is our “boo-boo oil” for cuts, scrapes, burns, and bites. And lemon we love for diffusing and it’s great added to water for hydration and detoxing. However, when you put these three oils together they are a powerhouse against allergies.  We’ve been Rx and OTC free all season! I combine these with a little coconut oil and rub them on the chest, behind the neck.  You can also add it to local honey and take it internally or with a vegetable capsule.

6. Peace & Calming*

I’ve raved about this oil before for helping my boys wind down and fall asleep. It’s my secret weapon for bedtime success. I apply it to the bottom’s of our boys feet when they are having trouble falling asleep or when they feel anxious.  It was great for the first days of school when we were dealing with the jitters.

7. Purification*

Purification is another great immunity boosting and germ fighting essential oil. It’s great for when you start to feel that scratchy throat starting to put on the outside of your throat.  I’ve had a couple completely disappear just by one application!  It’s also great to take out any unpleasant odors like gym clothes when you add a couple of drops to your wash.

8. Di-Gize

This is a must-have oil for anything tummy related.  It’s not my favorite smelling oil, but it works soooo well and so quick that I don’t mind.

9. Ningxia Red*

I LOVE starting my day with an once of Ninxia Red.  It’s an antioxidant, whole-food, nutrition packed juice that is great for overall health, immunity, sustainable energy, heart health, allergies, and so much more!  I’m so glad that the Premium Starter Kit includes samples of this powerful drink, because I probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise. Now I drink it daily!

10. Thieves Household Cleaner

So how did I replace my toilet cleaner, kitchen surface cleaner, glass cleaner, room spray, car cleaner, and surface wipes all together?  Just with this one product.  This cleaner is a concentrate, so you can make about 50-75 dollar store spray bottles worth with just one bottle! This all-purpose cleaner is non-toxic, safe, works great, and smells wonderful!  It’s even safe to use on produce.


All of the oils mentioned with a * plus 5 others come in the Premium Starter Kit, which is SUCH a great value and way to get started with essential oils. You can read more about it in my “All You Need to Know About Getting Started With Young Living Essential Oils” post.

I hope this post is helpful for getting your family off to a healthy start to this school year!  I’m always happy to share how we are using our oils as they have had such an enormous impact on our lives! Questions?  I’m happy to help!


* These statements are based on my own experience and resources. Not everyone may experience the same results, but I hope you and your family do! The above is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or evaluated by the FDA. I do receive a commission on sales when you sign up, which is a little boost of motivation to share. However, the main reason I’m telling you about our family’s experience with essential oils is because of their positive impact on our family



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By: Jennifer Murray





“Daddy time me and see how long it takes for me to get to the top.”

“I’m next!” “Ready?”

Hand over hand, step by step, climbing higher and leaving fear in the dust…

Letting go of what we previously held on to, and holding on to what lies ahead…

And that’s pretty much the way this transition to full-time school has went for all of us.

Courage begot courage.

It took steady upward motion; Looking up, not behind. The faster you climb, the less fear has the power to overwhelm. Instead, confidence grows where it was once barren.

Looking down from the top shows just how far we have climbed. Some might look and think it’s not that significant of a feat, and I’m here to tell you otherwise. We have watched a gripping fear be released to trust.  God has provided strength and courage, and we are beyond grateful. He never let go of us. He never separated from us.

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? As it is written,“For your sake we are being killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8: 25-39

And we can take it to the bank, that He’ll continue to get us through even harder challenges and obstacles ahead.




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By: Jennifer Murray

When Your Kids Teach You A Lesson in Humility…


Post by Brad Murray

Have you ever been completely embarrassed by your children’s behavior in public or in a setting with family or friends?

No?  I’m convinced you are either lying or don’t yet have children.  

Before I say more on this topic, our kids are very well behaved in public generally.  We have received numerous compliments while at restaurants and other public venues, and for that I am very thankful.  However, there are those rare times when everything falls apart.

Before we had children, I was that guy that scoffed at parents whose children were rebellious in public.  I would find myself thinking, “my kids will NEVER act that way.”  In general, I do not tolerate open rebellion from my kids, but I have learned that they sin just like their daddy, and it sometimes does not come out at the most opportune times.

Sometimes our kids embarrass us in other ways as well.  They might innocently repeat something that was never intended for the outside world.  They might fail to perform at a sport or performance as we know they are able.  How we respond to all of these moments is HUGE for our kids, did you ever think of that?

We have a two kids who will remain unnamed that have struggled with serious separation anxiety issues over the summer.  At seven years old, this is very embarrassing as a dad.  It made us question,  Why us?  What are we doing wrong?  What is wrong with him?  There are many things to explore in finding solutions to this problem, but more importantly, they need to know I am FOR THEM no matter what.

Our kids our very perceptive of our attitudes towards them.  I say I love them and I tell them how much they can trust me, but do my actions back that up?  Do I get more angry at their disobedience in public or when it affects me?  The answer is yes at times, and I want to see this change.  The more they trust us and know they can count on us, the easier we make it for them to obey us.

It’s a lesson for us in humility and self-control, and a valuable teaching opportunity for their character.

Today is a new day, let us give our children every opportunity to please their Lord.

Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.
-Colossians 3:23

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