By: Jennifer Murray

Colorado Part III: Rocky Mountain National Park


Let’s finish up this Colorado series, shall we? Although I’m certainly not ready to put the trip behind us!

Our second full day in Colorado, we headed just a little over an hour away from Denver to the Estes Park Entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. The drive there just got more gorgeous as we went. I’d love to go back and stay in Estes Park sometime – it’s such a fun town and surrounded with stunning mountains.

RMNP did not disappoint!


I really think we could have spent an entire week exploring, driving, trailing, and just taking it in. It was like nothing any of us had ever experienced!

The drive to Estes Park are eyes were glued for wildlife. We saw signs for “Wildlife Ahead” for miles and miles and we definitely wanted to go back home to Indiana seeing a non-Midwest native animal. We even pulled over at one point to check out something moving high on a hill, but to figure out it was just a COW!  Hilarious!


Well, once we entered RMNP it was within the first 5 minutes that we came across an entire hood of elk.

We sat for over a half an hour on a rock just taking in the beauty of these massive animals. It was so interesting to watch the bull herd over 40 elk and watch how he was boss.

I think we could have went home happy just from that first 1/2 hour in the park! 


After our elk watching we decided to drive the scenic Trail Ridge Road, but not before being blockaded by a couple of elk who decided to give us a close encounter along with their intense bugle call. I may have squealed with excitement.


We continued our “drive to the sky” and ate our sack lunches overlooking this view. Every direction you looked took your breath away.

It was amazing to watch the change in terrain as we ascended elevation, from green and lush to rocky and desolate, just in a few miles.


Temperatures dropped from a comfortable mid 70’s to below freezing, and SNOWING!  The boys threw snowballs at 11,000 feet! I’m sure it’s buried in snow by now, but in early October it was just snow covered at the peaks and all the roads were still passable.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.13.50 AM

We were able to see some big horned sheep along the way too which was a major highlight!


After descending from our first tundra experience, we encountered a few more elk in close proximity. What incredible creatures to behold!


As the sun began to set we took in as much of the park as we could see in the remaining daylight with a small hike at Sprague Lake and then ending our day at Bear Lake.


I wish I would have had my Bible, journal, and a few hours to take it all in. The beauty at Bear Lake just couldn’t be captured, but it was spectacular.


I’m beyond thankful for our few days in Colorado and getting to experience it all with my boys. From their first flight, to climbing the rocks at the Garden of the Gods, to the views of Rocky Mountain State park, it was an all around unforgettable trip for all!

I hope you’re able to take it in for yourself and let us know your highlights!  

Here are the other 2 parts of this series in case you missed them: 



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By: Jennifer Murray

The “Four”se Was With Us…

It just dawned on me that I hadn’t posted our Halloween costumes…some of you might have caught it on the 4tunate Facebook page, but my apologies for keeping the rest of you in suspense!


The force was pretty strong for a Star Wars theme this year. We had another group idea that we might pull next year, but it was much more labor intensive, so when we saw these hoodie sweatshirts on sale at Target and the ability to use most of what we already had we were all in!


Everyone was able to choose what they wanted to be and there were no “wars” over who was what (although I thought it would have been pretty funny for Clark and Brooks to both be Clones – get it??).


It was a great Halloween with a neighborhood chili cook-off, a costume birthday party, trick or treating until our bag was almost too heavy to carry, and gathering with friends around the fire.


The following day, our annual tradition is to do a “Candy Draft”. The boys go around one selection at a time picking their top candies from the pile to fill their own small ziplock bag. The rest is donated to the troops through a local dentist office in town who gives cash per pound. We love it because it give the boys a great treat, but it’s not an overwhelming stash of sugar that we don’t need around the house.

Brad filled out a form that he assumed was some sort of permission slip to participate, and the next day we received a call that the boys had won the top prize in the raffle. $300!!! The boys were ecstatic to put it mildly. 


What an unexpected blessing and gift from God who even blesses little things like candy drives!!! The boys have of course already spent it about 6,042 different ways in their ideas, but we’re planning on doing something with it as a family and giving. I’m sure they’d welcome your ideas as well to be added to the possibilities!

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By: Jennifer Murray

9 Budget-Friendly Tips For Getting Your Best Stitch Fix


I think I’m the last “blogger” in America to sign-up for Stitch Fix. And in case you haven’t heard or seen Stitch Fix on your internet, it’s a box you get in the mail with personalized wardrobe pieces from a stylist who fills your box with options based on your preferences and detailed style profile. You keep what you love and send back the rest. You pay $20 as a styling fee, but if you decide to keep anything it goes towards your purchase.

Stitch Fix Budget

I actually signed up for an account back when they first launched, but I was intimidated by friends who looked good in ANYTHING, and didn’t think I could pull off anything super fashionable. I never went through with getting a box. Instead I stuck with “survival mode” wardrobe of jeans that didn’t fit, sweatshirts, long sleeved tees, etc as my quad mom uniform.

Fashion has never been my forte, but I have been putting more effort in dressing for a good day, dressing professional when needed, and feeling good about how I present myself. It’s been good for my confidence and personal growth, even though I thought in the past it was more of a superficial or even frivolous thing.

I also didn’t think Stitch Fix would ever fit in my budget, because I’m an Old Navy/Target clearance shopper, but after complimenting my friends fixes over and over and finding out you didn’t have to have a box monthly, I decided to give it a shot.

I knew my closet needed some help. It was full of great “deals”, but not always the best colors, fit, or styles for me. I needed some classics that I could switch up and be versatile with the things I already had. <—– THIS is what I’ve loved Stitch Fix for! 

Here Are 9 Practical Budget-Friendly Tips I’ve Learned From My Experience So Far:

1. Don’t Fudge Your Numbers

I know it’s hard for us to sometimes be honest with our measurements, but Stitch Fix has been SPOT ON with sizes (minus one pair of leggings), even jeans!  I’m petite and have a TON of trouble finding things that fit well, so this has saved me TONS of time in the dressing room and going from store to store.

2. Be Specific on Your Style Profile

Don’t be afraid to say you despise paisley or that polka dots make you happy. They want to fill your box with things that make you feel lovely, so the more you can communicate your personal preferences the better.

Stitch Fix Tips Budget

3. Try On Everything Before You Decide

My first Stitch Fix I got a dark purple tunic that I would have never picked out, but I really loved it on. Even things that I haven’t ended up keeping from my box, it’s opened me up to other styles and colors that I would not have tried on my own.

4. Use Your Style Card to Use Things You Already Have

One of my favorite parts of the Stitch Fix Box is the style card that gives you ideas on how to wear the items. I love that a cardigan that I kept could easily be worn on the weekends with jeans or over my black dress, which I already owned.


5. Cheap Does Not Equal Cheap Quality 

All of my categories are set to “The Cheaper the Better” and I haven’t once questioned the quality or wished they’d sent me a more expensive version. In fact, sometimes their cheap isn’t cheap enough for me, and I let them know that in the Order Review.

6. Set Up Your Fix Frequency to Meet Your Budget

Did you know you can get a Fix once every 3 months?  Currently I’m getting mine every other month, but you can customize it for every month, every other, or every 3.  I love the flexibility and how it’s easier on my wallet to spread it out.

Stitch Fix Box Tips

7. Skip the Accessories if You’re Looking For More Ways to Save

I’m totally good with cheap jewelry, scarves, etc. and my shoe size is crazy small, so I keep my box to just apparel options. This is where I use the Style Card to come up with similar looks.

8. Don’t Feel Obligated to Keep What You Don’t Love

I’ve had several shirts that I’ve liked a lot, but sent back because I didn’t LOVE them. If I’m paying a little more I want something that I can feel confident in and have multiple ways to wear it.


9. Don’t Judge It By Your First Box

I was so excited to get my first box, but it wasn’t nearly as intuitive as I had anticipated. I needed to be more detailed on my Style Profile and give my stylist time to get to know my preferences better. I decided to give it one more box to “get me” and I’m so glad I did! The last two boxes I could have kept everything in the box!


Overall I’ve loved Stitch Fix for the convenience (hello CUTE delivered to your doorstep that fits!) and for stretching my style. I love that it’s given me some classic pieces – I LOVE the jeans they picked for me, a couple of cardigans that I can dress up or down, etc. My stylist have been very personal and I love their little notes. It’s also been more friendly on the budget than I anticipated since I can stretch out the frequency, and I feel like I pay for what I get – the quality is much better than what I usually settle for most of the time. I totally recommend just going for it and giving it a try for a couple of boxes and see what you think.

Full Disclosure: I paid for my own Stitch Fix Box and I used referral links in case you’d like to sign up and try it! 
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