By: Jennifer Murray



I’ve been quiet and a few of you have noticed. That means a lot that you are still here and checking in on me.

Yesterday was Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day and I stayed off the internet most of the day, because I just couldn’t… The sadness was just under the surface and I was afraid to wake it, that I might drown in it again. I’ve been in a really good place with gratitude and even joy, but I feel shaky as some calendar days approach. My feet feel unsteady with knowing winter and its harshness are approaching.

If you pray for me, would you pray that I might be able to embrace the approaching months with confidence, hope, and even anticipation? Pray for Brad also. We both have expressed similar fears. Pray that I wouldn’t just suppress the pain, but I would walk through it with grace. That I wouldn’t runaway from grief when it hits unexpectedly, but that I would be brave. That I wouldn’t deny the pain or expect myself to be over it by now, but to be willing for God to grow me through it. That I would depend on Him for healing and not any other substitute.

These words from Shauna Niequist brought me much comfort yesterday.

“Your loss doesn’t need to be a secret. Your heartbreak doesn’t need to be carried alone. If you found yourself thinking of a friend today, thinking of their loss, please do speak that love and concern for them. Please reach out if you need to talk, to tell the story one more time. Women love to tell birth stories. But I’ve found along the way that we really need to tell these stories of loss, too. We need to hold them out as evidence of what broke our hearts and broke our bodies–this is what happened to me, to us.” 

Mostly my absence had just been a new busyness of becoming a school mom and adjusting to the changes it has brought. I’m still figuring out how to navigate this new path, and my roles in it.

I love to write and plan on continuing to pour out words here. I’m just shuffling a bit, and I’m thankful for your patience with my pace. I know many of you are walking difficult roads of pain, grief, and uncertainty. I’m taking time today to pray for your hearts.

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By: Jennifer Murray

Input Needed: Early Reader Book Recommendations



Hiya, Friends!  Can you help a mama out?  My boys’ reading is taking off.  They were slow readers, but it’s kicking in, and they are reading some easy chapter books and Level 1 and 2 Easy Readers. I have PLENTY on our Favorite Read-Aloud List, that we are working our way through. Currently we are in the middle of Hero Tales and Prince Caspian and soaking them up, but I need some good suggestions for their read-aloud and individual reading time.

Is it just me or are there a lot of terrible easy readers?  I get discouraged at the inconsistency of the levels, the length variance, and just the poor story line quality in so many of them.  The movie/tv character ones are the worst!  You can tell they are selling it just on the image, because the writing is awful.

I’m still a first time mom, I’m just going through it all at once, so could you give me a hand navigating good book choices? Will you fill my comment section with your favorites so I can fill up my library bag full?  You guys are the best. 


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By: Jennifer Murray

Boy Mama Confession: Fish Are Not My Friends


Boy Mama Confession: I’m not super fond of fishing.

Catfish are down right scary looking creatures. Picking up larva is just gross. And wet moss freaks me out.

I DO enjoy being outdoors and spectating. I’ve even brought along a book a few times this year. The pages don’t seem to get read with the distractions of helping four little fishermen or just the beauty of the water and surroundings.

But you know what I love the most?

I love the enthusiasm they get when they catch a big one. I love being there when they them jump in my arms with excitement and a smile so wide they can hardly contain it on their little faces. I love watching them get excited for each other. I love how they have to tell every one we run into for days on end about their fishing stories and show their proof in the picture.  I love how proud their daddy gets and the joy he gets from their fishing successes.

Going along on things that aren’t your favorite, doesn’t mean you have to change who you are or pretend to be something you’re not.  It means you can take joy from something that brings someone else so much joy. 

Being a good boy mama doesn’t mean giving up on being girly. Being a good boy mama doesn’t mean loving all things BOY. Being a good boy mama doesn’t mean liking dirt, snails, wrestling, and boy humor.

I used to think I was a terrible boy mama because I wasn’t “one of them”.  I didn’t belong in their club and I couldn’t fake it. 

I’m still growing into these boy mama shoes, but I think it’s not that at all.  I can be secure in my role as their Mama (not their fishing buddy), and I can embrace them for how they have been created. I can cheer them on as they reel in a fish, or score a touchdown, or make it to the top of a climbing wall. Even more important, I’m can be there when they fail, when they are humbled, when they are discouraged, when they need a Mama.

I’ll be their mama no matter what…

Even when they smell like fish.

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