By: Jennifer Murray

Wait ‘Til They’re Good and Ready…

It’s been a big week here at Casa de Murray…

1st Baseball Practice
Running Club
And Riding Around the Block with No Training Wheels! {Like A Boss}

when to teach kids to ride bikes without training wheels

Our mantra around here has always been “wait ’til they’re good and ready”, which has been super helpful with major milestones like sippy cups, potty training, and the like.  We’re not rushers.

I remember when they were babies and being around other moms who wanted to pay the comparison game whenever we got together.  Are they rolling over yet?  Have you started feeding them cereal? Are you planning their college and retirement funds?

Hold the phone.  I want to enjoy every stage right where they are at and not miss it wishing for the next big moment.

Last year, the boys probably could have figured out balancing on 2 wheels eventually, but this year when Brad took the training wheels off, they were all riding up and down the street on their 2nd and 3rd tries.  Now they are bikers who own the sidewalks. ;)

Bonus points?  We saved our spines and sanity at the same time.

Perhaps we’ll just wait until they’re 20 to date and drive. Kidding…Mostly. 




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By: Jennifer Murray

Finding Beauty In the Brokenness: Something Tangible {Giveaway}

One thing I really struggled with in the hard days of grieving over our loss, was that I had nothing tangible to remember this precious life with…yes, its days were much shorter than we desired, but they still COUNTED. There was LIFE that lived, and it shouldn’t be forgotten.

I had kept myself from the baby aisles during the first trimester, even though I was so anxious to start hunting for deals. {We had gotten rid of everything – and I mean EVERYTHING that even slightly represented “baby” in our home either through handing things down to other multiples moms and friends, or via garage sales. Who has room for 4x the baby stash? And we thought the door was closed on having any other children.} Now I regretted not having something. Just something that I had especially for this baby – an outfit, a stuffed animal, a blanket…something that said “we couldn’t wait to meet you, and loved you from the beginning”.  Brad had this desire on his heart too, but we just didn’t want to settle for a trinket.

The thought of returning to the baby aisle to pick something out now isn’t really something I’ve entertained, or been physically up to…but when I it became heavy upon my heart to write these “Finding Beauty in the Brokenness” posts, I came across my sweet friend Lisa Leonard’s necklace.

There it was…


Simple. Perfect. Unspoken. Beautiful.

I showed it to Brad, not knowing if he would feel the same, and as tears welled in his eyes and began overflowing, I knew this wasn’t just a piece of jewelry.

I texted with Lisa and in her kindness shipped one out right away.

I went to the mailbox, seeing her sweet logo, and held my breath as I opened the envelope. It was mine – a treasure to wear on my heart with a “5″ to remind me of this life that once lived inside of me.


A promise of a heart that will be made whole again…never quite the same, but restored.

I tenderly held it in my hands and sat on the curb as hot tears started to roll down my cheeks.

Beauty in the Brokenness…A heart that is painfully broken, but will be mended with God’s tender stitching. 

So MANY of you have shared your stories with me – your own heartbreaks and brokenness over a loss of a life. I’ve shed tears and prayed for you, and I wanted to give you something tangible too…so Lisa generously is providing one of these necklaces to giveaway to one of you. Our grief may be different in size or appearance, but I’m learning more and more that grief is a shared commonality. 

I’m honored to have this opportunity, so if you would like this “Beauty in Brokenness” necklace to represent the life lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, or death, please leave a comment, and I will draw a winner on Friday. (April 11th)

{If you know someone who you think this necklace may speak to, please share this post with them.}


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By: Jennifer Murray

How To Fight A Sinus Infection Naturally With Essential Oils



I finally caved and joined the wonderful world of essential oils. After hearing so many good things from close friends who were experiencing such amazing and vast results, my curiosity could no longer be contained.  Now I’m kicking myself for dragging my feet for so long!  My Young Living Essential Oils are my go-to instead of over-the-counter medications or trying to ignore symptoms altogether – which was my typical way of dealing with illness or discomforts in the past.

So how do I use the 11 oils from my Young Living Premium Starter Kit?  Here’s a few scenarios…

>>> Start of a Sore, Scratchy Throat = Purification (symptoms improved almost instantly)

>>> Strep-Throat and Stomach Flu Direct Exposure = Thieves (we dodged it completely)

>>> Sleepless Kiddos = Peace and Calming (asleep in 10 minutes)

>>> Anxiety/Hormone Imbalance/Stress = Valor, Stress-Away, Peace and Calming (cannot tell you what how great of a difference it’s made)

>>> Grief and Mood Lift = Joy (this is what finally convinced me to really start using oils regularly from the sweet persistence of my friend Myra)

>>> Making the House Smell Amazing = Lemon, Lavender, Thieves, Peppermint (love, love, love, my diffuser)

>>> Headaches = Peppermint (my first positive experience with essential oils) 

>>> Cramps/Backache = PanAway (hello, new best friend) 

>>> Relaxation/Calming = Peace and Calming, Lavender (so great at bedtime)

>>> Scrapes and Cuts = Lavender (quicker healing and no sting)

Can you believe all of these amazing uses??!!  And honestly, I think we are barely scratching the surface.


But last weekend I really put them to the test.  I woke up with a horrible sinus infection – head completely congested, painfully sore throat, drainage, headache, the works.  I thought I was going to have to make a trip to urgent care, but I decided to give it a day and try to treat it naturally with my oils. What did I have to loose when I was already so miserable? 

I fixed myself some Thieves Tea with a couple of drops of Thieves, Lemon, and honey, and then I my “oily friend”, Amy,  recommended layering Frankincense, Lemon, and Thieves on my feet every few hours.

Sounds kooky, right?  

However, you can’t argue with my results. Within a few minutes my head started clearing, and I was able to breath freely through my nose. I was floored! A couple of hours later, my sinus headache was completely GONE without taking any pain killers! I continued this regimen for the next couple of days and continued to benefit from the relief of my symptoms.

{Another huge relief?  Not having to spend $$$ at the doctor’s office or for prescription meds!}


If you’re curious about essential oils, want to learn more, or want to sign up for Young Living – I have a lot of Q&As and great info over HERE. I’d love for you to experience similar results and overall wellness!

How about you?  What’s your go-to treatment for sinus infections? 


* These statements are based on my own experience and resources. Not everyone may experience the same results, but I hope you and your family do! The above is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or evaluated by the FDA. I do receive a commission on sales when you sign up, which is a little boost of motivation to share. However, the main reason I’m telling you about our family’s experience with essential oils is because of their positive impact on our family.


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