By: Jennifer Murray

9 Year Old Birthday Interview


Last week was an awesome getaway birthday celebration at Great Wolf Lodge. The boys used their Halloween prize money and we all had the best time getting away and getting out our flip flops and swim attire in February!

It was so fun watching their independence as they buddied up 2 and 2 and conquered the indoor waterpark together. They’ve grown up so much! And it was nice because Brad and I were able to hang out for a chunk of the time while they went down the water coaster 55 times (but who’s counting). We spent time all together as well, and just enjoyed it all immensely.

We went during the week to take advantage of lower crowds, and the boys enjoyed the perk of free unlimited ice cream for their birthday! It was just an all-round great time celebrating nine years of LIFE that God has granted us with these four boys.

After our trip I wanted to capture a bit of their nine year old perspectives, so I interviewed them individually with these birthday questions.

20 Questions on Your Nine Year Old Birthday:

1. What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?

Henry: Give 10% to the Church, Put Some in my Account, Give to Others, and Put It On a Mortgage on a House
Brooks: Buy a Beat Up House and Make it Nice
Clark: Buy My Own Gym
Isaac: Give 10% to the Church, Make Care Packs for the Poor, Buy a Dunham Jersey (Butler), Write a Book, and Buy Season Tickets for 5 Years to Butler Basketball (Let’s Go Dawgs!) 

2. What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Henry – Mechanical Engineer
Brooks – Olympic Runner
Clark – Pro Basketball Player
Isaac – College Basketball Player, Then a Coach, Then a Announcer on ESPN

3. What Do You Think Your Brothers Will Be When They Grow Up?

Henry: Brooks – Author; Clark – Farmer; Isaac – Basketball Player
Brooks: Henry – Engineer; Clark – Basketball Coach; Isaac – Basketball Player
Clark: Henry – Mechanical Engineer; Brooks – Soccer Player; Isaac – Basketball Player and Commentator
Isaac: Henry – Engineer; Brooks – Olympian Runner; Clark – Basketball Player and Coach
(Henry and Isaac clearly have their brothers convinced of their life goals.)

4. Where Do You Want to Live When You Grow Up?

Henry: Texas or Indiana
Brooks: Texas
Clark: Mexico (If America Fails), Texas (If Not)
Isaac: Pennsylvania

5. How Many Kids Do You Think You’ll Have?

Henry: 4
Brooks: 2
Clark: 5
Isaac: 3 or 4

6. What’s Something You are GREAT At?

Henry: Soccer and Baseball
Brooks: Running
Clark: Basketball
Isaac: Being a Good Friend, Telling Others About Being a Christian

7. What’s Something Daddy Is GREAT At?

Henry: Web Design
Brooks: Teaching Us the Bible
Clark: Taking Care of Us When Mama Isn’t Here
Isaac: Getting Kids to Listen

8. What’s Something Mama is GREAT At?

Henry: Taking Care of Us
Brooks: Essential Oils
Clark: Taking Care of Us
Isaac: Taking Care of Us

9. What’s Something Daddy Likes to Do?

Henry: Hanging Out with Friends
Brooks: Website Designing
Clark: Fishing
Isaac: Hanging Out with Friends

10. What’s Something Mama Likes to Do?

Henry: Take Care of Us
Brooks: Blogging
Clark: Take Care of Us
Isaac: Take Care of Us
(I think I might need some more hobbies.)

11. What’s Something You are Afraid Of?

Henry: Rattlesnakes (Reminder, We Live in Indiana.)
Brooks: Getting Sick
Clark: Losing You
Isaac: Scorpions (Again, We Live In Indiana With No Predators.)

12. What’s Something You are Proud Of?

Henry: My Country
Brooks: Running the Fastest in 2nd Grade
Clark: Being Good at Basketball
Isaac: I’m a Believer in Christ

13. What Was the Best Day of Your Life?

Henry: Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and Riding on an Airplane
Brooks: When I Became a Christian
Clark: Going to Rocky Mountain National Park
Isaac: Going to Great Wolf Lodge

14. Where Would You Like to Visit?

Henry: Brazil
Brooks: Africa or Australia
Clark: Africa
Isaac: Indiana…or Pennsylvania (This boy loves to be home and sleep in his own bed.) 

15. What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do Outside?

Henry: Jump on the Trampoline (We had one for a couple of weeks.)
Brooks: Run
Clark: Fish
Isaac: Playing Sports

16. Who’s Your Best Friend?

Henry: Henry Guy
Brooks: Clark
Clark: Isaac, My Sports Buddy
Isaac: Henry Guy

17. What’s Your Favorite Animal?

Henry: A White Cheeked Toroco
Brooks: A Dolphin
Clark: African Plated Lizard
Isaac: Penguin

18. What’s Your Favorite Food?

Henry: Fried Shrimp
Brooks: Key Lime Pie
Clark: Key Lime Pie
Isaac: Nachos

19. What’s Your Favorite Color?

Henry: Red
Brooks: Green
Clark: Green
Isaac: Blue

20. What’s Your Favorite Movie?

Henry: Hoosiers
Brooks: Star Wars: Episode VI
Clark: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Isaac: McFarland, USA


Again, these are their own words that they came up with individually not together. So fun to see their personalities and similarities/differences! Excited to see what Year Nine Brings! 


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By: Jennifer Murray

16 Week “Bumpdate”

Well hello there, BumpWatchers! Here we are at week 16!!! My half way point in my pregnancy with the boys, but hopefully we are a couple of weeks from the half way point this time!

The baby should weigh between 3-5 ounces and should be around 4-5 inches long, about the size of an avocado! Its practicing facial expressions, and it can hear our voices. Sorry, Baby, it’s a LOUD house. Get used to it!!! 


Things overall are going well. I’m having more good days than bad these last two weeks. I’m not hugging the toilet any longer, and I’m falling asleep at more normal hours of the night. I think I might be hitting my 2nd trimester stride!

Symptoms: I’ve definitely been able to do more normal “mom” duties like volunteer at the boys school, make dinner, laundry, etc. Nausea is much improved, which I’m super grateful for!

Emotionally if I’m being honest, I still am dealing with doubts and fear that come in waves. I’ve been praying lots, and working through Scripture on fear and trusting the Lord. After a loss, I think it’s common to have anxiety, but it’s something I would definitely appreciate your prayers on!

The pregnancy brain has hit HARD. I had the most awful time making the boys birthday cake. I had to redo the icing because I put in teaspoons of cocoa instead of tablespoons. I didn’t read the instructions to melt the ingredients first before adding the powdered sugar. I couldn’t remember if I put in 1/2 cup of milk or a whole cup. I was a MESS! It’s amazing it even turned out!

Another weird pregnancy symptom? Ear Wax. Gross.

Highlights: I was able to buy some hand-me-downs from a neighbor this week and got a couple of super cute maternity tops in my Stitch Fix that I know I’ll get a ton of wears out in the next few weeks until this summer.
This card from one of the boys’ classmates sister was a definite highlight. I love the “nurse it with all the love” line. Beyond precious! 


Cravings/Aversions: I still crave steak almost daily. Now that I’m in my second trimester, I want to focus more on healthier foods again.Lately salad tastes extra yummy. Oh and I LOVE a glass of Orange Juice first thing in the morning, just like I did with the boys! Carbs were a comfort in my first trimester, but my body is not happy about those. Pretty much EVERYTHING sounds good most days.

Looking Forward To: I’m really looking forward to feeling the baby move more frequently  and consistently(for reassurance too) and letting the boys feel it on my tummy. We have an appointment next Tuesday, so I’m anxious to hear how everything is progressing. Waiting stretches between appointments has been HARD! It’s something I’m totally not used to, since we had bi-monthly and weekly appointments with the boys.

The Boys: The boys continue to be so excited about being big brothers (minus teasing them about changing dirty diapers!!!).  It was so fun going into their classroom and having so many of their friends ask me how Baby Murray is! Their class has nicknamed it “Baby McFlurry Murray”.

Gender Reveal: Coming soon! Promise! Although it’s been pretty fun to keep you hanging!

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By: Jennifer Murray

9th Birthday Eve


It’s the last day of eight. It’s been such a good year with these dudes, and I’m so thankful for another year of life for these four.

Birthday Week I usually get very nostalgic and emotional about how far they’ve come and all that we went through to get them here safely, but currently (subject to change at any minute for this pregnant mama), I’m simply overjoyed and grateful for this awesome role I get to play in each of their lives.


Year Nine Already Has Much To Look Forward To…

  • Playing Basketball Together for the First Time
  • Watching You Becoming Big Brothers
  • Finishing up a Great Year at School
  • Spending a Summer at Home Together
  • Watching You All Grow and Learn Even More


Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac we are so thankful for the people God is shaping you into, and how you bless our lives in countless ways. We will never get over the wonder of how God granted us LIFE with each of you when it seemed nearly impossible. Happy Year Nine! 


In case you haven’t read through their Birth Story, I’ll leave this here for you.


Thank you for continuing to be faithful friends throughout this journey! The boys are spending their Halloween Candy prize money on their birthday. Stay tuned or make guesses in the comments of how they are spending it! 


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