By: Jennifer Murray

Our Sure Signs of Spring


The soundtrack of backyard wiffle ball, basketballs bouncing on the driveway, competitive laps around the house, and soccer goals being scored

Neighbor kids congregate in our backyard and in our driveway

A rising water bill with required frequent showers

Countdowns for school ending

Mud clods accidentally tracked inside

First tastes of shaved ice for the year

Walks in the woods while kicking down mayapples and swinging sticks like machetes

Overflowing laundry baskets

Cheers and shouts echo through open windows

Neglected jackets hung in the entryway

Knees and legs bare scrapes and scratches

Freckles that appear the more the sun shines

Late fire pit nights

Dirty fingernails from planting in the garden

Sweaty head, fresh air, mowed grass aromas fill the air

Stretched bedtimes, because it’s simply too hard to end a perfect day with the sun still shining

Temperatures that couldn’t be more perfect

Spring is the first delightful sip of summer. 

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By: Jennifer Murray

24 Week Bumpdate


I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since our last “Bumpdate“. Second trimester is going smoothly so far! The biggest milestone we’ve hit so far happened this week – VIABILITY! If you haven’t experienced a high-risk pregnancy, you might be familiar with that term, but it’s a BIG DEAL. It means our baby could possibly survive if born today with major medical assistance. Certainly not interested in a NICU roller coaster this round, but it certainly makes things more “real”.

The bump seems to grow by the day. So funny that a couple of weeks ago I was still squeezing into my regular clothes, and now I’m all out there!

Last week’s appointment he measured 1 lb 5 oz, but he’s supposed to double in the next 3 weeks!!! He’s around 12 inches long. His brain cells are developed enough to have thought and memory, he recognizes familiar sounds, his lungs are developing, and he’s getting hair. Incredible!



Mostly just the typical second trimester pregnancy symptoms, but nothing too horrible. I’m enjoying being able to do so many things at this stage. (For my quad pregnancy I was already 2 weeks into strict bedrest, and at home monitoring for contractions at 24 weeks!) 

I’ve been having leg cramps wake me up the past few nights. YEOW! Thankful for no back pain, swelling, reflux, or major discomforts…yet. 


Last week we got another peek at the growing guy at my 23 week appointment. He is soooooo active in there. Even when I think he’s having his “rest times”, he’s in there going a mile a minute! I think he’s enjoying all the room his brothers pre-stretched out for him! #OneBabyPerks

We also registered for a few things on Amazon and Target for fun, and for the perks of registering! {WAY better gift bags than when we registered for the boys and got a few coupons!}

And we officially have diapers in our home after a 6+ year hiatus! They were a steal on Amazon Prime Now, so I took advantage of the price!



Everything tastes so good still, especially anything Mexican. I’ve had a donut craving for the entire pregnancy and finally gave in earlier this week with a glaze donut from the famous Longs Bakery. I should have given in earlier, because now the craving seems satisfied!


My only real aversion is cleaning out leftovers from the fridge, and I pretty much had an aversion to that prior!

Looking Forward To: 

Still looking forward to figuring out his room space, getting a crib set up, and collecting more things we’ll need for his arrival, and counting down every week that gets us closer to holding him!

The Boys:

The boys are getting more excited the bigger I get! Ha! They talk to him daily and take care of me so well!


Still leaning pretty heavily on a first name we like, but it’s not official. The boys are trying to convince us to let them pick four names for a middle name and draw it out of a hat! Not sure we’ll give in!


We continue to be so grateful for how you are all sharing in this joy with us! Thank you for letting us share this unexpected part of our journey with you! Our hearts are full! 

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By: Jennifer Murray

Spring Life

We always welcome Spring in Indiana.  Part of what makes spring so glorious in the Midwest is the contrast from the bitter winter. Here the Magnolias trees are giving their encore, the grass is the deepest of green, the pear trees are beginning to bloom, and a few wild flowers are starting to pop.


This week we’re on Spring Break, and although we crave the beach, sand, sunshine, and consistently warm temps, we’re content to enjoy how life is returning once again right here.


Yesterday we rejoiced in celebrating our Risen Savior for Easter together as a family. Later on, we were able to throw on some shorts (an accomplishment in March in Indiana) and enjoy a family hike.


I love being outdoors with these dudes. It’s always entertaining to see what treasures {trash} they find, who ends up getting wet, and who outlasts everyone.


The day ended with the first catch of the year, before the storms rolled in.


I’m thankful more than ever for LIFE this spring – For the life He sacrificed for us, for the life returning all around us, for the life He’s entrusted us with, and for the new life that we’ll meet in the next season!


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